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Women Earrings

Earrings has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.

Earrings are one of the most adaptable pieces of jewelry in women’s accessories. It is necessary part of women’s jewelry closet. When we talking about jewelry, every women love to wear earrings. Women pick earrings as the most desired piece of accessory over everything other than, because earrings can be worn anywhere and anytime.

Jewelry pieces always move to raises up our style. We all well know about earrings. It is very important accessory for women that is attached to our earlobes and makes our ears to look glamorous. It is most popular form of jewelry that is worn with honor by women because it highlights the beauty and features of women. You can change the whole look and feel of your closet by adding right earrings to your ear. Your earrings can add the finishing touches your outfit and make you look extraordinary. The function you are attending another way when you are choosing earrings whether you are going for a day to wedding, parties, to the office, for dinner, at the beach your earrings tells about your personality and it is also traditionally worn as a sign of the social status, cultures, as marker of age, marital status and religious nation. But today it became a fashion to wear a pair of earring on outfit to give an amazing look to the outfit.

Today earrings are the clear cut fashion statement and with earrings you can change the whole aspect of your look. It comes in every type of metal like gold, platinum, titanium, copper, silver, crystals. There are many styles of earrings, choice and styles of earrings are never ending, they are vary in sizes, length, material used, mirror work, beads earrings, stonework earrings. Find the right earrings that compliments your face and outfit is not simple as that, because earrings want to be carefully choose depending on her outfit and shape of her face. So, that it enhance your look, add balance and shape to your face.

What you put in your ear can transform or spoil your look. Picking earrings also have to go with your outfit, your face, skin tone, color, hairs, length of your neck, size and shape of your ears. Choose earrings to meet your personality. Here this article will give you detailed structure of earrings and help you choose the best earrings for fashion closet:

Stud earrings:

Stud earrings are available in variety of shapes and cuts. The best quality of stud earrings is their adaptability. It is most popular, dedicated and elegant form of earrings. This type of jewelry is fine diamond, pearl, enamel, metal designs attached strongly to the lower side of the earlobe which makes the earrings look great. Studs earrings are popular and are always work properly. There are many shapes in stud earrings like geometric, rectangular, animals, stars you can choose which suits your personality and your taste. Stud earrings are used on daily basis like cocktail parties, offices, dinner parties, date outfits. Latest generation of girls prefer studs rather than other variety of earrings. You can worn it with casual wear, to dress up jeans, with shorts it complement your entire closet. Studs are the accessory that never goes out of style.

Hoop earrings:

Hoop earrings is an important part of traditional jewelry and they have important part place in world of women jewelry. Hoops earrings can be circular or semi circular design and have a ring shaped loop. It is a piece of metal that circle from front to back of earlobe, metal with thin hoop can be opened to pass through the earlobe. Hoops can be simple, decorate with gems, diamonds, pearl designs of different look, with different diameters, leaving space between the bottom of the earring and earlobe with different material and styles. Hoop earrings is easy to wear and very safe. It completes the wish of every woman to look fashionable and beautiful. It also came in half moon shape designs. It looks great on a square face and creates a very glamorous look for girls with sharp features. Women of all ages love to wear hoop earrings and they prefer to wear them on any party or functions.  

Drop earrings:

Drop earrings attaches to the earlobe with ear pendants that can be combined with gemstones, diamonds or ornaments, all metals that fall just below the earlobe. Drop earrings can be long, short, slender or chunky style. It may connect to the ear with a thin wire and small hook at the back that can pass through the earlobe. The modern designs of drop earrings are perfect it can transform any women look glamorous. Drop earrings are perfect to go with your western outfits, business, occasionally with long and short hairs. Make sure to choose the style of earrings that suits your look and personality.

Barbells earrings:

Barbells earrings have a permanently thin metal with rod attached a bead, pearl at one end of the earring and threaded attached at the other end. Another type of barbell earring is circular earrings of U shapes which is little bit larger than other earring and has beads on both of sides of earrings. These earrings come in less weighted and it can be worn casually or on small functions, parties, occasions.

Cluster earrings:

Cluster earrings are just like stud earrings. This type of earrings attached number of precious stones, crystals, gemstones, metalwork, mirror which are combined together to give you eye catching look. Stones used on earrings can be vary in length, shape, size, color. These earrings can be worn any occasion and is a symbol of elegance. It also comes in decorative and dropping style. You can match it with your outfit, it complete the desire of women to look modern and beautiful. These earrings are most preferred by women to expand glamour.

Chandelier earrings:

Chandelier earrings draw attention to women face. These are of single and multi layered chandelier drop earrings with large size, respective length and multiplex design. It is form of drop earrings put metallic rod in the point of earlobe, dropping out below. You can wear it with matching the color of your outfit. It can be worn on evening parties, weddings or events. You want to be select chandeliers earrings carefully because some chandeliers are heavier in weight on your earlobe and also choose wisely when you wear it with other accessories. These earrings are best for oval, heart and round shape faces.

There is an earrings style for every personality. Best thing while you choose the earrings is to pick out the style that suits your personality and are great for staying trendy and in fashionable style. Select good earrings that suits your lifestyle and your tastes.

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