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Korean Skin Care Tip to transform your skin – Korean Skin Care Routine

Korean skin is the dream of every fashionista women and every women is trying hard to get beautiful skin like the Korean girls. No doubt Korean women are blessed with natural skin which is called Korea skin but no doubt women from other parts of the globe can get same skin by this Korean skin care tip which is an ancient skin care tip.

Benefit of this secret Korean skin care tip

  • A secret tip which was hidden and no one revealed it till today.
  • Korean skin care tip does not cost you thousand of dollars now.
  • Trusted by millions of famous personalities. This skin care tip was so cheap yet every celebrity was afraid to reveal because of the companies which sell costly products will never let this tip believe by the general public.
  • Get snow white blemish free skin at your home.
  • Say no to all the creams available in the market.
    Say no to heavy facials.
  • Say no to chemicals.
  • Say yes to this secret tip.

Disclaimer – I have tried this for a year and I am blessed with blemish free skin.

Now What is this secret tip for a Korean skin.

STEAM MASSAGE – If you every get a chance to visit Korean and talk to the natives, you will be surprised to know that in every corner there are steam parlors available, which provides you steam at a very low cost. But people think they might be mixing some herbs or some costly products to make your skin radiant. But that is not true.

Ingredients to this facial steam
1. Water
2. Eucalyptus leafs

Benefits of Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is tree which is very big in height and is native to Australia. Eucalyptus tree is now available in many parts of the world. This is a medicinal tree which is high in antioxidants. Steam and eucalyptus is also good for common cold and cough thus used is many many medicines to treat nasal infections. It not only gives us blemish free skin but also make a protective layer on it.

Surprised now completely.

Take water in a pan or a steam machine and boil it to a point that steam starts coming out pf it. Now add some fresh Eucalyptus leafs into it. Get steam onto your face for 10-15. Now with circular motions with your fingers start massaging your face. You should let the vapors absorb into your skin. Now Massaging increases blood circulation and creates a snow white complexion. You should do it daily for up to three months.

Your work is done. You do not need any lotions or creams now. If you are going out then you can just apply some Aloevera.

Cheers 🙂