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8 Must-have Fashion Accessories in 2022 For Every Woman

Women are blessed with style and they natural instinct to get dressed appropriately according their day to day needs; However, some fashion accessories are must in 2022 for every women in their wardrobe. A simple accessory is like diet to our personality as it helps in modifying your fashion statement. If you want to list down some must-have fashion accessories in 2022 that is compulsory for every woman which will do wonders to your personality as well as to your outfit. Here are some tips on how to pick right fashion accessories.

Fashion defines the style of a person and fashion accessory has become significant part of our life. Accessories are something that we run with everyday of our life. Fashion trend comes and goes, we can find a lot of changes in fashion as the time passes; however, there are some fashion accessories that never go out of style.

Fashion is not just about styling the right kind of outfits even sometimes the best outfit cannot glamorize your style as much as a simple piece of accessory can do. It also gives you a bright look that finishing touch to your outfit and different styles. Mainly fashion differentiate people how they styled their outfits and accessories. Accessorizing is a method to add glam to your outfit and the most basic outfit can be made trendy with right piece of accessories. Accessorizing has more important effect than most people think and right piece of accessory may rate your outfit to a whole new level. Any women may wear accessories correctly and look fabulous with our tips and tricks. With right combination they make it better. Every women needs to have at least the most basic accessories in their closet in 2022. Here our list cover top accessories for every woman should not leave without. Here list of fashion accessories that every woman must own and will take your unity to perfectly new level that complete your incomplete closet and help you to attain the awesome look.

Statement jewelry: in this fashion world statement jewelry is an important accessory with unlimited styles and options. It gives you  graceful touch and is a great way to add little spark to your outfit.


Earrings are important accessory that play a major role to glam up your personality. You always need perfect earrings to match your outfit. Earrings are eye catching accessory that highlights your face. For simple function or tradition go with everything diamond style, fun colors, shapes that suits your outfit. For classy party or dinner pair of diamond, gemstones earrings will match perfectly to your look. Some job environment don’t allow chunky earrings, stud earrings mostly used for formal. Somehow they look so fantastic and cute as well as are always in trend.

Statement Necklace:

When you are standing or talking to someone statement necklace is the first noticeable accessory. So it is important to own statement necklace which gives you bold, bright and graceful look to your outfit. Statement necklaces are simple accessories yet very important for let go of your feminine side. You can wear high end necklaces to highlight your outfit style and personality and this piece of accessory something that will always look trendy forever. Sometimes you don’t need to add any more accessories. It comes in different sizes, styles with metallic gold, diamond so go with your taste of style. It is also a accessory you can even handover to your next generation. It is also a best jewelry investment piece. You must have this classic jewelry piece to try for more graceful look.


Accessory has power to glam up any outfit and your style. Wearing rings gives you stylish look and your accessories collection is not complete without rings. Middi rings, band rings, stackable, cocktail rings are trending everywhere and this type of rings is specially designed to complement your overall look with your entire outfit included. Rings are designed in stylish way to make your hands look beautiful. The ring can consist of precious metal such as gold, diamond, silver, platinum, gemstones. Matching the color of your rings to the metal of your other wearing accessories and with outfits complete your style. Some pieces are designed for a formal look. Correctly styling of your ring adds grace to your style or outfit. If it came as a gift than it gives you deep sentimental values, that’s why we love to wear them. Select the right piece of ring that suits you best and produce the tight combination and complete your outfit.


Bags are the most perfect and significant accessory a women may wear. It is one of the most important accessories that help to carry all the necessary items which you may demand any place or any time of the day. Handbags are expresses your style what type of person you are. It adds a lot of glamour to any outfit. It is necessary for women to have different kinds of bags with them. Different women have different types of choices when it comes to handbags. Sling bag are best while shopping and for picnic. If you go for formal and dinner parties clutch bag will be perfect. Large hand bags play major role for long day activities and for occasion to carry. A decent bag with black, gold and silver color keeps you looking fashionable and will work with any outfits you have. Select the color sensibly so that it matches the shades of your outfits or with your accessories.


Scarf is a great fashion accessory during hot and cold weather. A classy and good fabrics scarf such a stylish and versatile accessory that style your simple and boring outfit. Scarf come in variety of styles, prints, patterns, simple colors you can wear it according to your taste. You can also wear scarf in casual and formal occasions. If you worn it right way they gives you an elegant look. You can pair it with your jeans, t shirts, blazer and rest of your outfit, it style your look more glamorize. When you put it on your head and face, it protects you from dust, cold and your hair from damage during sun’s rays, rain and from pollution. This accessory should have great colors and patterns you can choose your scarf based on your own style personality. You must have adds this accessory to your closet.


Sunglasses are also another important fashion accessory for every women to makes your outfit look glamorous. It also protects your eyes and skin from sun rays and helps you make an awesome and impressive look. Without sunglasses your outfit may look simple and sometimes boring. Right pair of sunglasses is an investment you should make and can make a basic outfit look high end. Before spending money choose the right size and style of frames for your face that will suits you and can magnify your features and grace your style. A cat sunglasses or round are highly trending fashion accessories in 2022. These sunglasses can wear it on any occasion, party, Casual and formal look.

So sunglasses plays a crucial role when we talk about the must-have fashion accessories in 2022 for every woman on this planet.

Watches, Wristband or Bracelets

No doubt wrist accessory also tells about your style and personality even it is watch, bracelets or wristband. Watches come in variety of sizes, shapes, colors, brands with beautiful displays. A classic gold or silver watch also look well for casual and formal way. It works as dual purposes: showing time and glam up your style. You can select the size and style of watch according to your budget which fits your personality.        

Bracelets or wristband are also another wrist accessory that is designed to give you elegant look. It comes in different metals sold, silver, diamond and gemstones you can choose it according to your own style and budget.


Belt is fashion accessories to boost your outfit and cinch your waist and gives you an awesome figure slim you down that add personality to your outfit. It will also look great on a outfit and over a blazer, trouser, tops, tunics for different style. Belt as fashion accessory come with designer logos are very popular that transform your style but invest in good quality belts that matches your style. It is made up of different materials like leather, clothes stuff with huge amount of colors and styles available, you can buy it according to your taste.

Listen about coco channel rule: before leave the room, look into the mirror and remove one accessory. But I suggest you wear one more accessory that is confidence and carry it all day to sure about your choice and style. 

Guide to follow while buying the fine jewelry

Buying the fine jewelry is not only an art but an investment.

Do you want to purchase fine jewelry that will suit your personality and sense of style? Are you looking for genuine and trendy jewelry designs for men and women? Our guide to buying fine jewelry will help you to buy genuine and expensive jewelry items.

Jewelry is most precious metals to wear by women and men. Every one love to wear artificial and precious metal jewelry. It benefits dual purposes, jewelry is a great fashion style not only an investment. It is a well known fact that everyone love to dress up and jewelry is the perfect compliment for every occasion. Whether you are purchasing a piece of jewelry for someone friend, relative or for your own collection, even you are a first timer or purchasing it from years the process is interesting but obviously not easy for everyone. When visit to jewelry shop, then each jewelry piece of beautiful designs attract us and we get confused which should be select and which jewelry is right jewelry for purchase. Investing your valuable money in jewelry is one of the best investments. So, it is important to be careful while buying jewelry and keep few things in mind. Here are some important things you keep in mind before buying jewelry. We are here to explain what should you look for while purchasing jewelry:

Find out your style and make it personal:

First of all while buying the fine jewelry whether it’s a gift for someone or piece of jewelry for your own collection the most important thing- what do you want? Means you should be aware of the jewelry you want to buy, it is important to know about the design, look, metal or kind of jewelry- gold, silver, platinum, diamond. So, that it suits wearer style and personality and enjoy it for long time. Decide this before you visit into the jewelry shop. So that you can tell the salesperson and it makes choice become simple.

Educate yourself for metal type:

Only what you want to buy is not enough. So, it is best to get knowledge before going to make the purchase. Not aware of anything about the materials jewelry is made from is biggest mistake to avoid. The jewelry metal could be gold, silver, platinum and also other metals is used for jewelry manufacturing. Jewelry pricing is based on the design and weight, craftsmanship of the jewelry.

Gold: the purity of gold measured in carat. 24 carat gold being 99.9%pure, 22 carat gold being 92% pure, 24 is not suited to make jewelry that’s why jewelry use 14, 18, 22 carat gold. Gold is more expensive and comes in different colors: white, yellow and rose gold. It is sold by weight with heavier prices of gold costing more. While purchasing gold always check its purity.

Silver: silver is less expensive than gold. So it is most valuable precious metal. Silver is best fashion jewelry but because it is soft metal can bend easily not suited for daily wear. 925- 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. Silver is most commonly used in this form. 999- 99-9% pure soft silver metal.

Platinum: it is most precious and shining metal with beautiful silver white color. It is also most expensive metal.

Diamond: diamond is used in all above three metals to make these metals beautiful. If you want to buy diamond or gemstones then you also need to learn a little bit about them. Check stone specifications color, clarity, weight etc. check diamond is of premium quality. Make sure you do appropriate research before purchasing jewelry of any metal.

 Hallmarking or certificate of authenticity:

When you are buying jewelry of gold, silver, platinum, check the jewelry seller provides hallmarking and certification for jewelry or not. If they provided certificate then it is good to know which type of certificate is. It is the safest form to buy jewelry of hallmarked. Hallmark ensures the purity of metal. We all know gold, silver, platinum comes in various forms of purity like carats. So it is best to purchase hall marked jewelry. It tells us how pure a precious metal item is and hallmark stamped into metal is a legal guarantee of the metal of jewelry. Whether you buy jewelry from your old trusted brand or new sellers you should await to review a copy of certificate of authenticity as proof.

 Purchasing from a reputable seller with bills:

When purchasing precious jewelry it is good to purchase the jewelry from a well reputed and well established stores of jewelers. Choosing a jewelry shop for buying jewelry is very important for its reliability because many sellers set up fraud shop and cheat with customers. Reliability and credibility plays an important role and customer’s trust is the most valuable thing to their jewelers.  Good jewelers always help to their customers no matter how many questions you ask about jewelry, their prices from them and they always sell jewelry with bill. While buying jewelry bill is very important, you have to pay taxes for your jewelry as a result without a bill from the shop put you in trouble. So always ask for a bill and others receipts that comes with your buying. So, it is also better to purchase gold from reputed jewelers as there is a guarantee about such purchases.

Budget and investment:

if you have plan to buy the jewelry. You have variety of options to buy in jewelry stores with different budgets and we likely to get confused. The most important thing is that you should be up to date of the quality which can justify your budget. Some larger gold, silver, platinum pieces, gemstones, labor-intensive or handmade jewelry made by skilled craftsman, so they have a large budget pieces or you need a large budget for that pieces. You should be focus to get according your budget and what you pay for the piece of jewelry that you can afford and really means your money.

Aware that financial limit is essential and it will help you to search items in your budget. Be sure to use it to your advantage. You need to invest in adaptable jewelry so that you can be reused and wear it on different places. Invest in adaptable jewelry is a safe option and it comes with good returns value especially when buying from reputed jewelers in the field.

Services and cross check the price:

Make sure where you purchase the jewelry do they offer an exchange or buyback policy. Most of jewelers offer buyback policy where you can exchange your old jewelry set for a new one. Whether design of jewelry change, but value of jewelry   remain same.  Are they offering great customer service if any problem arises. Go for jewelers that provided good services.  Prices of jewelry changes every day on the induce market price. The purity of jewelry determines its prices and it is important to cross-checking the pricing.

Buying fine jewelry is easy and needs a little knowledge about the tips mentioned above. Now it is time to research, know your style, budget for purchasing precious jewelry.

Jewelry Styling Tips You Need To Know

Are you confused of wearing jewelry when you have a lot of jewelry collections in your jewelry box? Do you need some jewelry style advice? Are you trying to find styling the right jewelry with right outfit? So you are on right place.

Your jewelry say a lot about your personality and it always comes in sight whenever you wear it. Like your outfit jewelry is what you live in everyday, it always compliment your outfit. It has a power to uplift your style and holds a special place in many people specially women. Some women have a lot of jewelry collection and boxes with varieties of jewelry, but when we open the box we would be confused about how to use them right because of our overflowing collection of jewelry. Sometimes we generally even forget some pieces of jewelry that live in our jewelry box and wearing the same jewelry for all costumes that would sometimes ruin the look.

So you need to know how to style each of those jewelry pieces and important to get right jewelry for your everyday outfits, every occasion can completely change your style. People judge you for wearing dressing or jewelry with grace. So if you  are not sure how to style your outfit and jewelry then we have some basic jewelry styling tips and tricks to help you wear right costume jewelry that restyle your personality.  Never take risk with your look.

Choose your earrings carefully and according to your face:

Women of any age love to wear earrings. Earrings are closest to your face and it highlights your face and say a lot about your personality and it always get attention whenever you wear them. Choose your earrings carefully because different style of earrings and its color can compliment your skin tone and uplift your outfits. You can try different lengths, colors, style and sizes of earrings that

 goes best with your outfit. If you want a classy look and you have a short hairs, then go for small and medium- sized stud earrings. With long hairs go for drop or danglers earrings that will be perfect. For round shape face long drop and dangling earrings is best this will make your face slimmer. For square and heart shaped face stud earrings and danglers of medium and oval shape earrings might be best way to uplift your look. For working women stud earrings is best choice for classy look.

Layering necklaces and bangles:

Wearing necklace is also in trend and layering of necklace is not new fashion. Sometimes single piece of jewelry is not enough. So try to experiment with layers. Layering necklace means to add more jewelry of same kind to make awesome look. Layering up your necklace is always fun and it can never go out of fashion. Layering up necklace also upgrade the beauty, different length of necklace draw

attention to your look. You have to consider the neckline of your dress to match the necklace. You must be careful while choosing to wear two or more necklace. To many heavy, bold and dark colored will ruin your look. The best thing that suits many people is choker piece at the top, bold necklace in the center, light long necklace with pendant volume in the end. You can also do the same with bangles by adding or layering different colors of bangles on your wrist.

Mixing of metals:

You jewelry collections certainly a mix of gold, silver stud earrings, brass copper, diamond, platinum necklaces and rings then why not mixing and match jewelry and take the world this will never gone out of trend forever. It’s not a hard rule to wear all gold or all silver. You can mix or match silver earrings with platinum necklace. Dual tones are perfect and they add awesome look to your outfit. If you

want to experiment with new trend, you can try mixing metals of your jewelry. If you not find it add you can try to mixing different rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces. Do you think how difficult it would be style jewelry but when you start trying you find it very easy to wear any piece of jewelry with whatever dress you wear. In your spare time try to mixing of those pieces of jewelry that you usually never try. You never know what awesome look it might create. Like outfit when it comes to jewelry make sure you choose right piece of accessory for your skin tone also mix metals according to your skin tone because different metals will best complement different skin tones.

Sentimental attachment with accessories:

Some jewelry pieces are special because of their sentimental value these are important to keep because these pieces always have special importance in people’s heart. May be it given by your mother, sister, hubby, friends. Most of people want to wear this jewelry piece forever or for some special occasions. You

can combine it with silver and gold matches as gold or silver match best with every accessory. Have a look at your jewelry and try the best to combine your sentimental jewelry. If you find it odd with your outfits you can try to combine other accessories to match the color of your outfits. Sometimes sentimental jewelry doesn’t mean to wear everyday and everywhere.

Outfit or jewelry according to occasion:

Every occasion need right accessory according to your outfit and it can completely change your personality or style. Jewelry highlights the part of person so it is important to keep in mind, which part of your body to highlight that support your

 outfit. For your job and office environment then stick to the basic jewelry styling rules pendant and stud earrings, small drop earrings for office will be best choice. While going to your friend or relative house, focus on neck pieces, medium or small stud and drop earrings support your outfit.

 Be careful about how much you wear:

It’s important while wearing jewelry to know your limits and balance out your jewelry. Experiment with your outfit and jewelry is good but too much accessories sometimes ruin your look, specially when trying out new ways to style. Try to avoid overload jewelry you should know when to stop. Before leaving the house

remember the rule by coco chanel check your full outfit in the mirror and make sure if you find any odd then remove that accessory. Don’t wear any piece of jewelry that will make you feel uncomfortable. Remember jewelry compliments your outfits so wear in limit. Too much and too short jewelry also affects on your look.

Don’t follow the trend blindly:

Today in fashionable world trends come and go. Fashion trends highly impact today generation and also on women. But current trends always not suit everyone. So don’t be a fashion slave. Dressing up should be personal to you but at sometimes when you pushing yourself to trends you will end up losing yourself.

Try to figure out which suits you and makes you feel confident. While choosing jewelry to wear, always figure out what works with your personality and style. Choose jewelry according to your personality and skin tones. Your style describes who you are and how you want to represent in front of others. Never go overboard with trends, try to stick what suits you the best.

Focus on your outfit and jewelry:

Sometimes a right jewelry and accessory makes a simple dress transformed into very special or attractive look. You have to choose right jewelry for your outfit that gives you an awesome look. Always go for some statement accessories to

shine up a simple outfit. If you draw attention towards your look then pick some pieces of subtle jewelry to highlight your focal points- neck, ears, hands etc. always choose jewelry or outfit that is comfortable for you and compliment your look.

Wear clean and affordable jewelry:

Not everyone can afford all types of jewelry. Always choose jewelry that can be affordable or fall in love with what you have. It is also important to have a good collection without spending over limit to earn. You can mix match those accessories while dressing and how jewelry works to your style and image. Be yourself and feel your beauty.

Also remember to clean your jewelry. It’s really matter how your jewelry looks, so you shouldn’t neglect cleaning your jewelry for more details check out our jewelry care and cleaning tips.

At last be careful while choosing jewelry and remember jewelry is for you and you not for jewelry. So, choose the best style according to your desire. After dressing look yourself into the mirror, remove odd items and walk out with confidence.

How to choose perfect jewelry gift for women

Are you trying to find which gift is perfect for women?  How to choose a perfect gift for the special women in your life? It’s very important decision for the special person to choose special gift in your life. Don’t worry when we are here to help you.

Women as mother, sister, wife, daughter, friends deserve millions of gifts. Jewelry is a perfect gift for the women to restyle her personality and simple jewelry piece can uplift any look of the women. A gift of jewelry is a beautiful and classy way to shows love, care and commitment. Jewelry can be the best gift for anniversary, birthday or any other special occasion.

Sometimes it becomes hard to choose perfect gift for someone. It’s normal in everyone’s life to choose a gift for special-one. There are lot of questions arises in our mind during the gift buying process, specially men’s face more difficulty while choosing or buying the gift for women. So, now don’t take stress for selection of gift.

Jewelry is the perfect choice when you are looking to buy a present for someone and with a good reason. It is one of special gift for your wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend that they will treasure for it lifetime and have a sentimental value for them. Now, if you already make decision to buy precious jewelry gift for special one but you don’t know where to start, don’t worry it’s not easy for anyone to start. We can help you to choose jewelry for women by following simple guidelines:

What does she prefer and inside her jewelry box:

  • When she is not around or looking you, then if you get a chance then try to note and take a picture of her jewelry box or collections and note down in your mind or in phone what type of designer jewelry does she wear or what type of jewelry she is wearing for daily or occasions.
  • It will help you to get an idea of her jewelry choice and what things does she already have, what type of jewelry style she prefer gold or silver jewelry?
  • Is it all diamond or gemstone in her favorite colors.
  • Does she prefer cool or warm color jewelry, what type of size she prefer small, medium, large size earrings.
  • Does she prefer necklace, pendants, rings, bracelets or if she prefers all this then what type of design or shape she prefers like heart, flowers, animals, rectangle, circular, small or big stones jewelry.

Jewelry box will help you to get best idea for choosing gift and it will give you a big clue of what she likes. Don’t buy similar piece of jewelry to her collection. It solves your half of the problem of selection jewelry.

What kind of person she is :

Keep in mind while choosing a gift women’s personal style and her outfits is great way to express her and for start.

  • Is she like formal, if her collection is of formal dresses, you will buy more graceful or statement jewelry pieces.
  • If she want to become a center of attraction of any occasion or enjoys getting attention of others then you should choose bold bright and vibrant color jewelry for her.
  • What type of metal she wants to prefer like yellow gold, silver, white gold.
  • Is she like traditional and cultural jewelry then yellow gold is best for any tradition or culture and is always popular.
  • If she is more sentimental and she has different colored stones jewelry in her jewelry box then it will nice to pick something with a stone and choose her favorite color gemstone like birthstone as best gift.

What does her style and she do:

Different works frequently call for different jewelry types.

  • If she is a working women or daily go out for office then simple jewelry pieces are statement pieces like diamond, stud earrings, necklace with small pendants, watch. If she wears more common outfits for work than purchase jewelry that is simple and understated.
  • If she likes to visit theaters, occasions then choose appropriate something that will complete her outfit.
  • Some women like to wear jewelry that works best for her skin tones, you can also purchase jewelry according to her taste.
  • Some women don’t like chunky style jewelry while wearing chunky style jewelry sometimes it disturb you a lot. It can tarnished with your outfits or other jewelry pieces.

Get idea from a friend:

While giving a gift you want to make sure what she like the most. You can call her friend or sister for help because they always knows their personal jewelry styles. These are the most closest and important person to get help or advice for her gift choice. They will help you to pick out beautiful piece of jewelry.

There are so many different styles of jewelry moves in your mind, with help of friend it will help you to choose best piece.

Keep things in your mind:

Now you need to keep things in mind while purchasing a present.

  • We know it is hard to choose or even harder to satisfy some-one taste and need. Like outfits jewelry is the thing that women can’t said she has sufficient of it.
  • Give her a versatile and unique gift.
  • Give a present that are representative of wealth and status and also add seriousness and loyalty of a relationship.
  • Don’t gift her she is already have.
  • Present her gift which add a little glamour to her style.
  • Don’t try to change her jewelry style. If she don’t like to wear heavy earrings then this is important not to gift her heavy earrings.

Finishing touch to your gift:

There are so many different types of jewelry styles available in market or online jewelry stores and stock a huge range of specific brand. You can visit on nearby or online jewelry stores and take a notice of what style of jewelry she prefers to wear.

Once you have decided which jewelry piece you want to buy for her finish off the gift with one of beautiful and high quality beautiful box which makes your jewelry the best gift. Wrap the gift box with beautiful wrap paper. Don’t forget to collect the receipt. 

Educate audience on proper jewelry care and cleaning

We all know that jewelry is great way to restyle your outfit whether you wear a gold, silver, diamond or artificial jewelry it play significant role which make you feel more special and more stylish. Some people wear jewelry as a fashion for complement an outfit and some wear jewelry to express their status, personality or as a part of their traditional and culture. Jewelry is one of the valuable and expensive material. Jewelry is usually an investment and for many people some pieces of jewelry has a great sentimental value for them. Jewelry is one of our most special and treasure accessories whether it’s a 100- year old family bangles, necklace or recent purchase, it gives perfect shining touch for any look.

Some pieces of jewelry we wear everyday and some on special occasion so when we wear jewelry it travels to work with us as a result our jewelry gets dirty and loses it’s shine. Like our body and clothes it’s also important to keep our jewelry clean. Cleaning will remove any unwanted germs and keep it looking best. Therefore it is important to take care and cleaning of your jewelry to make sure they look best for years to come whether it is of gold, silver, diamond or any kind of artificial (fashionable) jewelry. Wearing fashion jewelry is in trend on daily basis or on occasions. We all want to take care and cleaning of our jewelry. If you can’t proper take care of your jewelry it will start to looses it’s shine and look dull so you need to take care of your jewelry. Now the question is how to take care and cleaning of our jewelry in proper way? There are number of ways you find on internet how to take care of it. If you want to enjoy the beauty of your jewelry forever follow our guide and take care of your jewelry with confidence and keeps its shine forever and wear them for years to come. So, I will be sharing some some jewelry care and cleaning tips.

First thing is storage of your jewelry:

If you want to keep your jewelry safe then store your jewelry in an ideal way. Wipe your jewelry with clean cloth or tissue after using it, all dirt and germs would wiped off. Don’t keep your jewelry anywhere at home or with your clothes or in draw randomly, always keep it in a proper

 box. If possible wrap every piece in different dry wipe.  Otherwise it might get lost, break or tangled. You can also store jewelry in zip-lack bags. Remove your jewelry before going to bed and keep it in box.

Remove jewelry before shower and physical work:

Make it sure when you are going for shower, doing any physical work such as house-keeping, gardening, exercise, cleaning household products swimming pool or any another activity with water. If you wear your jewelry while doing these works it will tarnished jewelry within

short period of time. So while doing these work remove your jewelry first otherwise it can cause the jewelry to rust out and corrosion.

Keep your jewelry away from chemicals:

Keep your jewelry away from chemicals. Perfumes, hairspray, lotions, cosmetics all have some chemicals. You can find harmful chemicals in perfumes, lotions, hairspray that will affects on your jewelry. To avoid chemicals apply lotions, cosmetics, hairspray before dressing in jewelry

and take it off first. Keep your jewelry away from these products otherwise it will cause the color of the jewelry to fade out, make sure to remove your jewelry while using chemical products.

Identify the jewelry and don’t keep different kind of jewelry together:

The first thing that you can for it is keeping jewelry untangles and safely. To maintenance of jewelry first try to avoid keeping different kinds of jewelry together otherwise it can scratched, tangled or tarnished with each other and it will cause the other to breaking of the accessories. To keep it safe from getting tangles try to wrap each item

 of your jewelry in tissue or zip-up bags. It will keep your jewelry safe and also save from air exposure as well. While washing your jewelry choose the relevant method of cleaning. You need to wash your jewelry pieces one by one not put all kinds of jewelry in same washing dish. It will cause plating one pieces of jewelry to other piece. Also you need to take care of amount of liquid you used for washing.

Try to choose right tool for cleaning:

Wearing accessories for whole day or in pollution it gets germs and bacteria. To avoid or clean it you should choose right tool for good and better cleaning. First thing you need to remember while cleaning, clean your jewelry in secure location. Use a soft brush never use sharp or hard brush on accessories. Soft toothbrush can also be used for

cleaning but with care. Brush will help you clean off the dirt from inside of the edges. Hard brush might cause damage or scratches on jewelry. You can also use sponge for cleaning. To remove dirt, lotions, oils from jewelry with soft brush in warm water and mild detergents. Silver jewelry can be cleaned with mild detergents with turmeric powder. After clean under water clean your jewelry with wet wipe gently and let it dry and store it safely.

Keep away from heat and light:

Some pieces of jewelry also affects by the temperature. Sun’s harmful rays, light and heat affects the color of gemstone’s and also color of jewelry. When exposed too much light on jewelry it can fade or damage some jewelry pieces. Excessive heat and sudden temperature remove

the natural beauty of the accessories and it fade the color of the jewelry or sometimes develop tiny crack on it.

Store dry and shine jewelry:

Always dry your jewelry with dry wipe, jewelry wipe is the easiest way to wipe the jewelry. Water, moisture wipe out with dry wipe and then store dry jewelry in your jewelry box otherwise it will affects your jewelry, it may get tarnished or corrosion. If you noticed some jewelry

pieces looses its shine then simply apply the same color of nail paint on the same color of jewelry to keep its shine for long. It would help you to polished your jewelry in a better manner.

With these methods you will also need to take care of some jewelry pieces into a professional shop. Some fashion care jewelry instructions are also written on the pack of the jewelry, you can also try those to keep jewelry clean. You should clean your jewelry time to time while using any cleansing agent for cleaning the jewelry first test it on small piece of backside of the jewelry to check it will not affects on plating on jewelry. Select and clean jewelry with care it gives you lifestyle. Treat every piece of jewelry with love. You should also visit on jewelry stores from where you buy jewelry, many jewelry stores gives you free offer for check-up or cleaning jewelry within some interval of time. Like your body and clothing cleaning, jewelry cleaning is also important or in your hand how to care and keep it clean for long use.

This Is Why Are You A Jewelry Lover? Is So Famous!

                                      Importance of jewelry

Today is fashionable world, people love to look stylish and beautiful. Everyone knows unique and stylish look give you fame and success. In this fashionable world women always focus on outfits but to increase the value of your outfit fashion jewelry is a must. Jewelry is known for its unique design style and gives you a sense of individuality.

Jewelry helps in increase one’s beauty. Jewelry is one of the decorative items or accessory that can be attached to person body or outfits. Many people use jewelry as a part of their traditional and culture. In India jewelries play very significant role. In past time jewelry has played very important role in woman’s lives because it highlights the natural beauty of a person who wear it. As we know change is a part of nature, today, many women are passionate about to wear jewelry as a fashion for completing an outfit which makes them more special and more stylish. Jewelry represents a symbol of social status, femininity and has the ability to highlight women’s personalities, class, a sense of self-esteem, makes her feel confident and beautiful.

Jewelry is a great way to express yourself and it is definitely a big part of fashion today. Jewelry has the power to changes the style of your outfit. Nothing can give you a perfect shine like jewelry can, no matter you wear with your outfit a ring, simple necklace, stud earrings, anklets, bracelets, pendants, bangles etc.

Everyone love to wear jewelry but the question comes here how to match jewelry with your outfit. Why it’s important to learn how to accessorize? The way you express your dressing style can also be applied to your jewelry because jewelry is extremely important to a finished outfit. Right picked jewelry can give you a stylish look otherwise it can ruin you beautiful look. We have number of fashionable outfits on Mapanache where you can match your jewelry with these outfits and learn the right way to pick accessories to make your outfit complete. Human have used jewelry for a number of different reasons. Among all these accessories, the main focus of women always remains on outfits, but to complement your outfit fashion jewelry is a must. So here are some tips to keep you stylish or fashionable with Mapanache outfits. Right jewelry and outfit can give you valuable look so that’s why to how accessorize your outfits:-

Match jewelry with formal look:

If you are wearing western outfits or formal look like simple blouse, crop tops, maxi dresses, jeans then you can use small size of jewelry as highlights that should match your outfit. Large size jewelry ruin your

look. To create a formal and professional look you can choose simple necklace, stud earrings, gold studs or drop earrings, stack rings, simple bracelets it naturally get attention and give you a bold look.

Match jewelry for special occasions:

Jewelry is very valuable to women. Jewelry or outfits you choose always wear a sunshine smile and stunning look. If you are attending special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, cocktail parties, anniversary parties, receptions, wearing jewelry is first option for women. New styles and designs outfits of Mapanache for parties like sarees, suits, gowns, lehngas you can choose jewelry with these outfits colors. Gold and silver jewelry match all outfits. Your style represents the jewelry

you choose. Jewelry you pick also express the design of your occasion or clothes. If you want a classic look for occasion simple necklace with diamond earrings will look you awesome. For creating a glamorous look you may try different combination earrings, bangles, bracelets matching your outfits can perfectly complements your style.

Match jewelry with your skin tones:

Color is also important with choosing jewelry. It is good way to highlight your skin tone. Matching accessories with your outfit will make your look great. Matching jewelry highlight your skin tone and dress will

 make you look awesome. Warm skin tone with darken hairs gold is good choice for them. Silver is best for the people who have natural tones. You always have to try out different look to get perfect outfits, accessories. Never be scared to experiment with the different style to get a perfect look

Highlights your face with pendants, earrings:

If you want to get the attention you might try with pair of statement earrings, you can also choose your earrings with shape of your face.

You can also try pairing your earrings with necklace it will make a gorgeous look. Necklace is the main part of the accessories, coupled with matching earrings and pendant, pendant will highlight your face which give you a awesome look.

It can be a good investment:

Jewelry is not only decorative item it can be a good investment. Some metals or accessories like gold serve as great investment in the form of

currency. The value of gold relatively stable and high gold content have high value in form of cash also. The value of gold also increases with time.

It can be valuable gifts from someone and have sentimental value:

Jewelry is one of the valuable and expensive gift. Some pieces of jewelry for a women have high sentimental value and attachment that she get as gift from her special-one like her mother, husband, brother, friends. It’s not a piece of jewelry it represent loyalty in your friendship

 or relationship. For women wedding, engagement jewelry have a sentimental value much higher than their financial value. The value of jewelry also increases when it take over to future generation.

                                Jewelry speaks for a women it tells us who a women is and it can give a women class, feel her confident and empowered her. Right jewelry of women is great way to express herself. So you need to select those pieces of jewelry that match your unique style and personality. It also reflects your uniqueness and allows you creativity, shine and gorgeous look.