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Guide to follow while buying the fine jewelry

Buying the fine jewelry is not only an art but an investment.

Do you want to purchase fine jewelry that will suit your personality and sense of style? Are you looking for genuine and trendy jewelry designs for men and women? Our guide to buying fine jewelry will help you to buy genuine and expensive jewelry items.

Jewelry is most precious metals to wear by women and men. Every one love to wear artificial and precious metal jewelry. It benefits dual purposes, jewelry is a great fashion style not only an investment. It is a well known fact that everyone love to dress up and jewelry is the perfect compliment for every occasion. Whether you are purchasing a piece of jewelry for someone friend, relative or for your own collection, even you are a first timer or purchasing it from years the process is interesting but obviously not easy for everyone. When visit to jewelry shop, then each jewelry piece of beautiful designs attract us and we get confused which should be select and which jewelry is right jewelry for purchase. Investing your valuable money in jewelry is one of the best investments. So, it is important to be careful while buying jewelry and keep few things in mind. Here are some important things you keep in mind before buying jewelry. We are here to explain what should you look for while purchasing jewelry:

Find out your style and make it personal:

First of all while buying the fine jewelry whether it’s a gift for someone or piece of jewelry for your own collection the most important thing- what do you want? Means you should be aware of the jewelry you want to buy, it is important to know about the design, look, metal or kind of jewelry- gold, silver, platinum, diamond. So, that it suits wearer style and personality and enjoy it for long time. Decide this before you visit into the jewelry shop. So that you can tell the salesperson and it makes choice become simple.

Educate yourself for metal type:

Only what you want to buy is not enough. So, it is best to get knowledge before going to make the purchase. Not aware of anything about the materials jewelry is made from is biggest mistake to avoid. The jewelry metal could be gold, silver, platinum and also other metals is used for jewelry manufacturing. Jewelry pricing is based on the design and weight, craftsmanship of the jewelry.

Gold: the purity of gold measured in carat. 24 carat gold being 99.9%pure, 22 carat gold being 92% pure, 24 is not suited to make jewelry that’s why jewelry use 14, 18, 22 carat gold. Gold is more expensive and comes in different colors: white, yellow and rose gold. It is sold by weight with heavier prices of gold costing more. While purchasing gold always check its purity.

Silver: silver is less expensive than gold. So it is most valuable precious metal. Silver is best fashion jewelry but because it is soft metal can bend easily not suited for daily wear. 925- 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. Silver is most commonly used in this form. 999- 99-9% pure soft silver metal.

Platinum: it is most precious and shining metal with beautiful silver white color. It is also most expensive metal.

Diamond: diamond is used in all above three metals to make these metals beautiful. If you want to buy diamond or gemstones then you also need to learn a little bit about them. Check stone specifications color, clarity, weight etc. check diamond is of premium quality. Make sure you do appropriate research before purchasing jewelry of any metal.

 Hallmarking or certificate of authenticity:

When you are buying jewelry of gold, silver, platinum, check the jewelry seller provides hallmarking and certification for jewelry or not. If they provided certificate then it is good to know which type of certificate is. It is the safest form to buy jewelry of hallmarked. Hallmark ensures the purity of metal. We all know gold, silver, platinum comes in various forms of purity like carats. So it is best to purchase hall marked jewelry. It tells us how pure a precious metal item is and hallmark stamped into metal is a legal guarantee of the metal of jewelry. Whether you buy jewelry from your old trusted brand or new sellers you should await to review a copy of certificate of authenticity as proof.

 Purchasing from a reputable seller with bills:

When purchasing precious jewelry it is good to purchase the jewelry from a well reputed and well established stores of jewelers. Choosing a jewelry shop for buying jewelry is very important for its reliability because many sellers set up fraud shop and cheat with customers. Reliability and credibility plays an important role and customer’s trust is the most valuable thing to their jewelers.  Good jewelers always help to their customers no matter how many questions you ask about jewelry, their prices from them and they always sell jewelry with bill. While buying jewelry bill is very important, you have to pay taxes for your jewelry as a result without a bill from the shop put you in trouble. So always ask for a bill and others receipts that comes with your buying. So, it is also better to purchase gold from reputed jewelers as there is a guarantee about such purchases.

Budget and investment:

if you have plan to buy the jewelry. You have variety of options to buy in jewelry stores with different budgets and we likely to get confused. The most important thing is that you should be up to date of the quality which can justify your budget. Some larger gold, silver, platinum pieces, gemstones, labor-intensive or handmade jewelry made by skilled craftsman, so they have a large budget pieces or you need a large budget for that pieces. You should be focus to get according your budget and what you pay for the piece of jewelry that you can afford and really means your money.

Aware that financial limit is essential and it will help you to search items in your budget. Be sure to use it to your advantage. You need to invest in adaptable jewelry so that you can be reused and wear it on different places. Invest in adaptable jewelry is a safe option and it comes with good returns value especially when buying from reputed jewelers in the field.

Services and cross check the price:

Make sure where you purchase the jewelry do they offer an exchange or buyback policy. Most of jewelers offer buyback policy where you can exchange your old jewelry set for a new one. Whether design of jewelry change, but value of jewelry   remain same.  Are they offering great customer service if any problem arises. Go for jewelers that provided good services.  Prices of jewelry changes every day on the induce market price. The purity of jewelry determines its prices and it is important to cross-checking the pricing.

Buying fine jewelry is easy and needs a little knowledge about the tips mentioned above. Now it is time to research, know your style, budget for purchasing precious jewelry.