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Remove belly fat permanently in a natural way

Step 1: Check if you bloat.

Most of the women have tendency to retain water in their body. It is because of some hormonal imbalance in them. You can check it if you want to lose belly fat. If your belly looks slim some days and fatty other days then you might have this problem.

  • Cut your sugar and salt intake.
  • Drink Cumin Tea.
  • Instead, Eat fresh curd mixed with fruits or vegetable such as apple, berry and cucumber. Add a pinch of black pepper. Result will be in your hands.
  • Add Papaya and Guava to your diet.
  • Drink Turmeric Tea as many times as you can.
  • Drink cumin seed water for 3-4 times

Step 2: Cut the junk. 

You need to eliminate the word junk from your life to remove belly fat completely. Junk means all the market food such as pizza, pastry, burger or any of the packed meal. If you crave too much then, In fact, the occasional day off and treat with junk can help you stay on track with your routine. However, eating the junk will definitely add inches to your body as well as waist line. Just by avoiding the junk matter from your daily routine will do miracles to your body

The best way to cut it is by replacing your refrigerator with the fresh and healthy snacks. Whenever you feel hungry you should have enough healthy food to eat. There are many healthy alternatives which will give you energy and keep you full such as banana, veggies.

Do it for 3 days first then give a gap then do for a week. You will fall in love with this. This will work women of all ages who want to remove belly fat.

Step 3: Never ever try crash diet courses.

We are what we eat. If you starve for long time your body will start saving more food in the form of fat in your body because it is a natural process.

Start changing eating habits in small portions. Start decreasing the eating habit, replacing and thus complete transformation.

Decrease -> Replace -> Quit.

Instead you can have some meal replacement protein shakes.

Step 4: Little exercise.

Exercise is utmost important for everyone and there is no doubt. Start with 15 minute walk and then 10-15 minutes yoga for every day. Increase the time to 1 hour. Your body will be addicted to it soon. You will never find a single day in your life when your body does not say, do some exercise.

Step 5: Stick to it.

If you find the results, then just stick to it completely for the next 6 month. You will never face the problem of being fat. Consistency is the key to achieve the desired results.

Step 6: Confidence.

Confidence, is the key to any success. Just believe in your self and achieve.