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Educate audience on proper jewelry care and cleaning

We all know that jewelry is great way to restyle your outfit whether you wear a gold, silver, diamond or artificial jewelry it play significant role which make you feel more special and more stylish. Some people wear jewelry as a fashion for complement an outfit and some wear jewelry to express their status, personality or as a part of their traditional and culture. Jewelry is one of the valuable and expensive material. Jewelry is usually an investment and for many people some pieces of jewelry has a great sentimental value for them. Jewelry is one of our most special and treasure accessories whether it’s a 100- year old family bangles, necklace or recent purchase, it gives perfect shining touch for any look.

Some pieces of jewelry we wear everyday and some on special occasion so when we wear jewelry it travels to work with us as a result our jewelry gets dirty and loses it’s shine. Like our body and clothes it’s also important to keep our jewelry clean. Cleaning will remove any unwanted germs and keep it looking best. Therefore it is important to take care and cleaning of your jewelry to make sure they look best for years to come whether it is of gold, silver, diamond or any kind of artificial (fashionable) jewelry. Wearing fashion jewelry is in trend on daily basis or on occasions. We all want to take care and cleaning of our jewelry. If you can’t proper take care of your jewelry it will start to looses it’s shine and look dull so you need to take care of your jewelry. Now the question is how to take care and cleaning of our jewelry in proper way? There are number of ways you find on internet how to take care of it. If you want to enjoy the beauty of your jewelry forever follow our guide and take care of your jewelry with confidence and keeps its shine forever and wear them for years to come. So, I will be sharing some some jewelry care and cleaning tips.

First thing is storage of your jewelry:

If you want to keep your jewelry safe then store your jewelry in an ideal way. Wipe your jewelry with clean cloth or tissue after using it, all dirt and germs would wiped off. Don’t keep your jewelry anywhere at home or with your clothes or in draw randomly, always keep it in a proper

 box. If possible wrap every piece in different dry wipe.  Otherwise it might get lost, break or tangled. You can also store jewelry in zip-lack bags. Remove your jewelry before going to bed and keep it in box.

Remove jewelry before shower and physical work:

Make it sure when you are going for shower, doing any physical work such as house-keeping, gardening, exercise, cleaning household products swimming pool or any another activity with water. If you wear your jewelry while doing these works it will tarnished jewelry within

short period of time. So while doing these work remove your jewelry first otherwise it can cause the jewelry to rust out and corrosion.

Keep your jewelry away from chemicals:

Keep your jewelry away from chemicals. Perfumes, hairspray, lotions, cosmetics all have some chemicals. You can find harmful chemicals in perfumes, lotions, hairspray that will affects on your jewelry. To avoid chemicals apply lotions, cosmetics, hairspray before dressing in jewelry

and take it off first. Keep your jewelry away from these products otherwise it will cause the color of the jewelry to fade out, make sure to remove your jewelry while using chemical products.

Identify the jewelry and don’t keep different kind of jewelry together:

The first thing that you can for it is keeping jewelry untangles and safely. To maintenance of jewelry first try to avoid keeping different kinds of jewelry together otherwise it can scratched, tangled or tarnished with each other and it will cause the other to breaking of the accessories. To keep it safe from getting tangles try to wrap each item

 of your jewelry in tissue or zip-up bags. It will keep your jewelry safe and also save from air exposure as well. While washing your jewelry choose the relevant method of cleaning. You need to wash your jewelry pieces one by one not put all kinds of jewelry in same washing dish. It will cause plating one pieces of jewelry to other piece. Also you need to take care of amount of liquid you used for washing.

Try to choose right tool for cleaning:

Wearing accessories for whole day or in pollution it gets germs and bacteria. To avoid or clean it you should choose right tool for good and better cleaning. First thing you need to remember while cleaning, clean your jewelry in secure location. Use a soft brush never use sharp or hard brush on accessories. Soft toothbrush can also be used for

cleaning but with care. Brush will help you clean off the dirt from inside of the edges. Hard brush might cause damage or scratches on jewelry. You can also use sponge for cleaning. To remove dirt, lotions, oils from jewelry with soft brush in warm water and mild detergents. Silver jewelry can be cleaned with mild detergents with turmeric powder. After clean under water clean your jewelry with wet wipe gently and let it dry and store it safely.

Keep away from heat and light:

Some pieces of jewelry also affects by the temperature. Sun’s harmful rays, light and heat affects the color of gemstone’s and also color of jewelry. When exposed too much light on jewelry it can fade or damage some jewelry pieces. Excessive heat and sudden temperature remove

the natural beauty of the accessories and it fade the color of the jewelry or sometimes develop tiny crack on it.

Store dry and shine jewelry:

Always dry your jewelry with dry wipe, jewelry wipe is the easiest way to wipe the jewelry. Water, moisture wipe out with dry wipe and then store dry jewelry in your jewelry box otherwise it will affects your jewelry, it may get tarnished or corrosion. If you noticed some jewelry

pieces looses its shine then simply apply the same color of nail paint on the same color of jewelry to keep its shine for long. It would help you to polished your jewelry in a better manner.

With these methods you will also need to take care of some jewelry pieces into a professional shop. Some fashion care jewelry instructions are also written on the pack of the jewelry, you can also try those to keep jewelry clean. You should clean your jewelry time to time while using any cleansing agent for cleaning the jewelry first test it on small piece of backside of the jewelry to check it will not affects on plating on jewelry. Select and clean jewelry with care it gives you lifestyle. Treat every piece of jewelry with love. You should also visit on jewelry stores from where you buy jewelry, many jewelry stores gives you free offer for check-up or cleaning jewelry within some interval of time. Like your body and clothing cleaning, jewelry cleaning is also important or in your hand how to care and keep it clean for long use.

This Is Why Are You A Jewelry Lover? Is So Famous!

                                      Importance of jewelry

Today is fashionable world, people love to look stylish and beautiful. Everyone knows unique and stylish look give you fame and success. In this fashionable world women always focus on outfits but to increase the value of your outfit fashion jewelry is a must. Jewelry is known for its unique design style and gives you a sense of individuality.

Jewelry helps in increase one’s beauty. Jewelry is one of the decorative items or accessory that can be attached to person body or outfits. Many people use jewelry as a part of their traditional and culture. In India jewelries play very significant role. In past time jewelry has played very important role in woman’s lives because it highlights the natural beauty of a person who wear it. As we know change is a part of nature, today, many women are passionate about to wear jewelry as a fashion for completing an outfit which makes them more special and more stylish. Jewelry represents a symbol of social status, femininity and has the ability to highlight women’s personalities, class, a sense of self-esteem, makes her feel confident and beautiful.

Jewelry is a great way to express yourself and it is definitely a big part of fashion today. Jewelry has the power to changes the style of your outfit. Nothing can give you a perfect shine like jewelry can, no matter you wear with your outfit a ring, simple necklace, stud earrings, anklets, bracelets, pendants, bangles etc.

Everyone love to wear jewelry but the question comes here how to match jewelry with your outfit. Why it’s important to learn how to accessorize? The way you express your dressing style can also be applied to your jewelry because jewelry is extremely important to a finished outfit. Right picked jewelry can give you a stylish look otherwise it can ruin you beautiful look. We have number of fashionable outfits on Mapanache where you can match your jewelry with these outfits and learn the right way to pick accessories to make your outfit complete. Human have used jewelry for a number of different reasons. Among all these accessories, the main focus of women always remains on outfits, but to complement your outfit fashion jewelry is a must. So here are some tips to keep you stylish or fashionable with Mapanache outfits. Right jewelry and outfit can give you valuable look so that’s why to how accessorize your outfits:-

Match jewelry with formal look:

If you are wearing western outfits or formal look like simple blouse, crop tops, maxi dresses, jeans then you can use small size of jewelry as highlights that should match your outfit. Large size jewelry ruin your

look. To create a formal and professional look you can choose simple necklace, stud earrings, gold studs or drop earrings, stack rings, simple bracelets it naturally get attention and give you a bold look.

Match jewelry for special occasions:

Jewelry is very valuable to women. Jewelry or outfits you choose always wear a sunshine smile and stunning look. If you are attending special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, cocktail parties, anniversary parties, receptions, wearing jewelry is first option for women. New styles and designs outfits of Mapanache for parties like sarees, suits, gowns, lehngas you can choose jewelry with these outfits colors. Gold and silver jewelry match all outfits. Your style represents the jewelry

you choose. Jewelry you pick also express the design of your occasion or clothes. If you want a classic look for occasion simple necklace with diamond earrings will look you awesome. For creating a glamorous look you may try different combination earrings, bangles, bracelets matching your outfits can perfectly complements your style.

Match jewelry with your skin tones:

Color is also important with choosing jewelry. It is good way to highlight your skin tone. Matching accessories with your outfit will make your look great. Matching jewelry highlight your skin tone and dress will

 make you look awesome. Warm skin tone with darken hairs gold is good choice for them. Silver is best for the people who have natural tones. You always have to try out different look to get perfect outfits, accessories. Never be scared to experiment with the different style to get a perfect look

Highlights your face with pendants, earrings:

If you want to get the attention you might try with pair of statement earrings, you can also choose your earrings with shape of your face.

You can also try pairing your earrings with necklace it will make a gorgeous look. Necklace is the main part of the accessories, coupled with matching earrings and pendant, pendant will highlight your face which give you a awesome look.

It can be a good investment:

Jewelry is not only decorative item it can be a good investment. Some metals or accessories like gold serve as great investment in the form of

currency. The value of gold relatively stable and high gold content have high value in form of cash also. The value of gold also increases with time.

It can be valuable gifts from someone and have sentimental value:

Jewelry is one of the valuable and expensive gift. Some pieces of jewelry for a women have high sentimental value and attachment that she get as gift from her special-one like her mother, husband, brother, friends. It’s not a piece of jewelry it represent loyalty in your friendship

 or relationship. For women wedding, engagement jewelry have a sentimental value much higher than their financial value. The value of jewelry also increases when it take over to future generation.

                                Jewelry speaks for a women it tells us who a women is and it can give a women class, feel her confident and empowered her. Right jewelry of women is great way to express herself. So you need to select those pieces of jewelry that match your unique style and personality. It also reflects your uniqueness and allows you creativity, shine and gorgeous look.

Fine Jewelry for Women

Jewelry is something that has been liked, loved and needed by women of all ages. I still remember days when I used to wear my Mom’s Silver American Diamond Choker Necklace. I used to just wear it whenever my mom is away or at work. My choice of jewelry is still same as I liked when I was too young. It is true our tastes are developed whatever we see during our childhood days. So Silver choker necklace is one of my favorite piece of jewelry.

I believe every girl does this by wearing their mom’s jewelry. Girls pretend to be bride or models, play and dress like a princess or aged women. Jewelry defines the entire look and no dress can be complete without it; however, there is no hard and fast rules to wear a piece of jewelry. It is your choice to look as you want.

There is not a single day in our life, when we cannot wear a piece of jewelry. Ma Panache offers you jewelry to wear on daily basis, office use, party wear, wedding functions etc.

The aim is to to attend every event and look fabulous. Why we recommend different piece of jewelry for different occasions? Idea is to look good not overdo. These days even watches are considered a part of your jewelry box because these tiny pieces not only tells you time but also add elegant to your overall personality.

Victoria would like to offer you few tips

  1. Some women really love to match everything, but leave it to tiny babies and girls. Let small creatures match their heels to their bag with their nail jewelry. Although this is not all inaccurate, but it is out of vogue. Go with the contrast pieces.
  2. If your dress is having a coat then you can match your jewelry with it.
  3. For office, only you need are studs. Do not overdo with bracelets as they can create annoying sounds while working. Chains are good only if they are light weight. Pair of anklets is straight forward no.
  4. Go for pearls.

Hopefully, with all of your upcoming appearances, you will rock with Ma Panache.

Everything you need to know about Maxi Dresses for the summer season – Ma Panache

You may have questions in mind What do Maxi and Maxi Dress mean?

A long dress is a garment consisting of a skirt with an attached bodice. It consists of a top piece that covers the torso and hangs down over the legs. A long dress can be any one-piece garment containing a skirt of any length and can be formal or casual. A dress can have sleeves, straps, or be held up with elastic around the chest, leaving the shoulders bare. Dresses also vary in color. The hemlines of dresses vary depending on modesty, weather, fashion, or the personal taste of the wearer.

History of Dresses

11th century

In the 11th century, women in Europe wore dresses that were similar to men’s tunics and were loose, with a hemline reaching to below the knees or lower. By the end of the century, these dresses featured a tighter fit on the arms and women’s upper bodies. Dresses were made snug by featuring slits on the sides of the dress that were pulled tight in order to fit a woman’s figure.

Maxi is a long skirt, dress, or even a coat whereas a maxi dress is a floor or ankle length very comfortable informal dress. Not every Maxi dresses are formfitting at the top and loose flowing at the bottom but also some of the maxi dresses are loose at the top. Maxi dresses are cut to flow over the body. Type of fabric is not really a concern when designing a maxi dress as they are usually made out of chiffon, Cotton, Crepe, Denim, Georgette, Jacquard, Knitted, Lace, Linen, Liva, Net, Satin, Scuba,Silk, Velvet, Viscose Rayon fabrics. One can consider Cotton Maxi Dress for the summer season and the rest of the other fabrics for other seasons. Maxi dresses come in a variety of necklines such as Boat neck, Cowl neck, Halter neck, High-neck, Keyhole neck, Mandarin collar, Mock neck, Off-shoulder, One shoulder, Round neck, Shirt Collar, Shoulder strap, Square neck, Strapless, Sweetheart neck, Tie-up neck, V-neck, etc.

There are various trends in maxi dresses such as Abstract, Accordion Pleats, Animal or Skin Print, Bohemian, Colourblocked, Conversational, Ethnic, Ethnic Paint,Floral, Geometric, Graphic Print, Lace Frills Border, Micro Pattern, Monochrome, Nautical, New Basics, Polka Dots, Schiff, Sheer, Smocked, Tie and Dye, Tiered, Tribal,Tropical, Variegated Stripes, Wrap, etc.

Some people think that maxi dresses out of style; However, you are not somewhere in the past, it’s okay to see maxi dresses everywhere around the globe. Maxi dresses do not belong to one specific area. All over the world, these cute dresses are being loved by women of all ages. This transitional piece of clothing can be spotted in every city, that’s why you better know how to wear them this year to look chic and special.

Why you need a maxi dress? I personally feel these after T-shirts these lightweight clothing are our best friends. I never hesitate to wear a maxi even if I am visiting a doctor. I have approximately 30 pieces of full-length maxi dresses. I am a huge fan of these dresses.

I give full credit to my doll which was gifted to me by my uncle in the 90s. I still remember her maxi dress with polka dots. I could never imagine that such kind of childhood fantasy will help me to pursue my career in a full range of maxi dresses. I grew up watching her all the time. Moreover, that doll was from a french city which is full of love, Paris.

What length is the maxi dress?
One question we hear is this: How long should a maxi dress be? On a petite woman, the ideal length for a maxi dress is somewhere between the ankle and the top of the foot. Go longer and you end up having to carry your dress all day. Go shorter and you look too boxy.

Before buying a maxi dress one should keep in mind some points such as its length, type of neck, fabric, shape as maxi dresses come into a wide range of styles. The most important this is to get the right length which can keep you from tripping or getting caught in your maxi dress. The best way is to have the maxi dress touch the top of your toes. Make sure the dress hits at least at your ankles.

Apart from this, you can keep in mind weather conditions when buying a maxi dress online of from a store

The biggest confusion among all the ladies is the type of shoes they should wear with those stylish long dresses. Choosing the right kind of shoes is equally important as choosing the right kind of dress. So, first of all, you should go for something comfortable. Women love to wear white sneakers with maxi, but the point here is your maxi should not touch your toes. It should be above the ankle. Otherwise, this look will look weird on you. Next, you can wear sandals, pumps, even some kind of wedges. Wearing completely flats is also a good option, but they give you a work-from-home-like feel. Also, Strappy sandals and maxi dresses give off a breezy, bohemian look.

The next important this is what do you wear under a maxi dress?

This is the most common question all of us have in our minds because not every girl is comfortable with naked legs. I personally suggest wearing stockings or capris because we do not want to ruin the look for a maxi dress by wearing any skirt or even jeans. But if your jeans or jeggings are sleek then you can go for them.

How do you make a maxi dress?

You actually do not have to worry about making it, because we are doing this job for you.

Some women ask this question quite a lot that Is a maxi dress appropriate for a wedding?

Absolutely yes! Maxi dresses are best for any kind of function. Wearing a maxi dress to a wedding is a great choice year-round. Be comfortable and fashionable when you spare the gown and wear a maxi-length dress to a wedding. Once you know the formality and the season of the big event, you can maximize your wedding guest look in a maxi dress through your accessories.

Benefits of a maxi dress

There are a number of advantages wearing of wearing a maxi dress.

The most important thing is they are the comfortable clothing option in the heat. You just need a dress with some soft undergarments are you are ready for any event. Women who really are concerned about fashion, but still want to wear something comfortable in the summer, all require a dress that is stylish yet loose and made from cotton or even a light fabric. If you take my opinion, Maxi dresses are a great summer choice.

What is more? You can save a lot because you do not need to buy a matching dupatta or a matching lower. You can wear your old capris if you want to, otherwise, you can go alone with the maxi dress itself.

Online Shopping Is The Talk Of The Town

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There is nothing in the era of internet which is not available online these days. There are many websites which offer you online video shopping these days such ezmall online shopping website India.

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Why women Love Shopping Online ?

All the Fashionista Women like me Love Shopping Online Because in the scorching heat they do not want to step out in the sun and enjoy the luxury and lifestyle shopping at home.

As an online shopping store owner, it is utmost important to find inspiration and innovation from every other source of information and to see what is in vogue these days. I spend hours over the internet browsing various sites and see what they are offering to public. I am a geek who always look for what people are searching over internet and see what is in trend in 2019. Ma Panache gives you a good place to start online shopping at any time because what every you are searching is available on our Online Shopping Store. In the mobile world where Mobile phones are our small shopping store as we find it convenient to shop online while sitting at home, watching TV or just passing time with kids. My aim is to make online shopping experience worth for every women.