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Jewelry Styling Tips You Need To Know

Are you confused of wearing jewelry when you have a lot of jewelry collections in your jewelry box? Do you need some jewelry style advice? Are you trying to find styling the right jewelry with right outfit? So you are on right place.

Your jewelry say a lot about your personality and it always comes in sight whenever you wear it. Like your outfit jewelry is what you live in everyday, it always compliment your outfit. It has a power to uplift your style and holds a special place in many people specially women. Some women have a lot of jewelry collection and boxes with varieties of jewelry, but when we open the box we would be confused about how to use them right because of our overflowing collection of jewelry. Sometimes we generally even forget some pieces of jewelry that live in our jewelry box and wearing the same jewelry for all costumes that would sometimes ruin the look.

So you need to know how to style each of those jewelry pieces and important to get right jewelry for your everyday outfits, every occasion can completely change your style. People judge you for wearing dressing or jewelry with grace. So if you  are not sure how to style your outfit and jewelry then we have some basic jewelry styling tips and tricks to help you wear right costume jewelry that restyle your personality.  Never take risk with your look.

Choose your earrings carefully and according to your face:

Women of any age love to wear earrings. Earrings are closest to your face and it highlights your face and say a lot about your personality and it always get attention whenever you wear them. Choose your earrings carefully because different style of earrings and its color can compliment your skin tone and uplift your outfits. You can try different lengths, colors, style and sizes of earrings that

 goes best with your outfit. If you want a classy look and you have a short hairs, then go for small and medium- sized stud earrings. With long hairs go for drop or danglers earrings that will be perfect. For round shape face long drop and dangling earrings is best this will make your face slimmer. For square and heart shaped face stud earrings and danglers of medium and oval shape earrings might be best way to uplift your look. For working women stud earrings is best choice for classy look.

Layering necklaces and bangles:

Wearing necklace is also in trend and layering of necklace is not new fashion. Sometimes single piece of jewelry is not enough. So try to experiment with layers. Layering necklace means to add more jewelry of same kind to make awesome look. Layering up your necklace is always fun and it can never go out of fashion. Layering up necklace also upgrade the beauty, different length of necklace draw

attention to your look. You have to consider the neckline of your dress to match the necklace. You must be careful while choosing to wear two or more necklace. To many heavy, bold and dark colored will ruin your look. The best thing that suits many people is choker piece at the top, bold necklace in the center, light long necklace with pendant volume in the end. You can also do the same with bangles by adding or layering different colors of bangles on your wrist.

Mixing of metals:

You jewelry collections certainly a mix of gold, silver stud earrings, brass copper, diamond, platinum necklaces and rings then why not mixing and match jewelry and take the world this will never gone out of trend forever. It’s not a hard rule to wear all gold or all silver. You can mix or match silver earrings with platinum necklace. Dual tones are perfect and they add awesome look to your outfit. If you

want to experiment with new trend, you can try mixing metals of your jewelry. If you not find it add you can try to mixing different rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces. Do you think how difficult it would be style jewelry but when you start trying you find it very easy to wear any piece of jewelry with whatever dress you wear. In your spare time try to mixing of those pieces of jewelry that you usually never try. You never know what awesome look it might create. Like outfit when it comes to jewelry make sure you choose right piece of accessory for your skin tone also mix metals according to your skin tone because different metals will best complement different skin tones.

Sentimental attachment with accessories:

Some jewelry pieces are special because of their sentimental value these are important to keep because these pieces always have special importance in people’s heart. May be it given by your mother, sister, hubby, friends. Most of people want to wear this jewelry piece forever or for some special occasions. You

can combine it with silver and gold matches as gold or silver match best with every accessory. Have a look at your jewelry and try the best to combine your sentimental jewelry. If you find it odd with your outfits you can try to combine other accessories to match the color of your outfits. Sometimes sentimental jewelry doesn’t mean to wear everyday and everywhere.

Outfit or jewelry according to occasion:

Every occasion need right accessory according to your outfit and it can completely change your personality or style. Jewelry highlights the part of person so it is important to keep in mind, which part of your body to highlight that support your

 outfit. For your job and office environment then stick to the basic jewelry styling rules pendant and stud earrings, small drop earrings for office will be best choice. While going to your friend or relative house, focus on neck pieces, medium or small stud and drop earrings support your outfit.

 Be careful about how much you wear:

It’s important while wearing jewelry to know your limits and balance out your jewelry. Experiment with your outfit and jewelry is good but too much accessories sometimes ruin your look, specially when trying out new ways to style. Try to avoid overload jewelry you should know when to stop. Before leaving the house

remember the rule by coco chanel check your full outfit in the mirror and make sure if you find any odd then remove that accessory. Don’t wear any piece of jewelry that will make you feel uncomfortable. Remember jewelry compliments your outfits so wear in limit. Too much and too short jewelry also affects on your look.

Don’t follow the trend blindly:

Today in fashionable world trends come and go. Fashion trends highly impact today generation and also on women. But current trends always not suit everyone. So don’t be a fashion slave. Dressing up should be personal to you but at sometimes when you pushing yourself to trends you will end up losing yourself.

Try to figure out which suits you and makes you feel confident. While choosing jewelry to wear, always figure out what works with your personality and style. Choose jewelry according to your personality and skin tones. Your style describes who you are and how you want to represent in front of others. Never go overboard with trends, try to stick what suits you the best.

Focus on your outfit and jewelry:

Sometimes a right jewelry and accessory makes a simple dress transformed into very special or attractive look. You have to choose right jewelry for your outfit that gives you an awesome look. Always go for some statement accessories to

shine up a simple outfit. If you draw attention towards your look then pick some pieces of subtle jewelry to highlight your focal points- neck, ears, hands etc. always choose jewelry or outfit that is comfortable for you and compliment your look.

Wear clean and affordable jewelry:

Not everyone can afford all types of jewelry. Always choose jewelry that can be affordable or fall in love with what you have. It is also important to have a good collection without spending over limit to earn. You can mix match those accessories while dressing and how jewelry works to your style and image. Be yourself and feel your beauty.

Also remember to clean your jewelry. It’s really matter how your jewelry looks, so you shouldn’t neglect cleaning your jewelry for more details check out our jewelry care and cleaning tips.

At last be careful while choosing jewelry and remember jewelry is for you and you not for jewelry. So, choose the best style according to your desire. After dressing look yourself into the mirror, remove odd items and walk out with confidence.

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