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Educate audience on proper jewelry care and cleaning

We all know that jewelry is great way to restyle your outfit whether you wear a gold, silver, diamond or artificial jewelry it play significant role which make you feel more special and more stylish. Some people wear jewelry as a fashion for complement an outfit and some wear jewelry to express their status, personality or as a part of their traditional and culture. Jewelry is one of the valuable and expensive material. Jewelry is usually an investment and for many people some pieces of jewelry has a great sentimental value for them. Jewelry is one of our most special and treasure accessories whether it’s a 100- year old family bangles, necklace or recent purchase, it gives perfect shining touch for any look.

Some pieces of jewelry we wear everyday and some on special occasion so when we wear jewelry it travels to work with us as a result our jewelry gets dirty and loses it’s shine. Like our body and clothes it’s also important to keep our jewelry clean. Cleaning will remove any unwanted germs and keep it looking best. Therefore it is important to take care and cleaning of your jewelry to make sure they look best for years to come whether it is of gold, silver, diamond or any kind of artificial (fashionable) jewelry. Wearing fashion jewelry is in trend on daily basis or on occasions. We all want to take care and cleaning of our jewelry. If you can’t proper take care of your jewelry it will start to looses it’s shine and look dull so you need to take care of your jewelry. Now the question is how to take care and cleaning of our jewelry in proper way? There are number of ways you find on internet how to take care of it. If you want to enjoy the beauty of your jewelry forever follow our guide and take care of your jewelry with confidence and keeps its shine forever and wear them for years to come. So, I will be sharing some some jewelry care and cleaning tips.

First thing is storage of your jewelry:

If you want to keep your jewelry safe then store your jewelry in an ideal way. Wipe your jewelry with clean cloth or tissue after using it, all dirt and germs would wiped off. Don’t keep your jewelry anywhere at home or with your clothes or in draw randomly, always keep it in a proper

 box. If possible wrap every piece in different dry wipe.  Otherwise it might get lost, break or tangled. You can also store jewelry in zip-lack bags. Remove your jewelry before going to bed and keep it in box.

Remove jewelry before shower and physical work:

Make it sure when you are going for shower, doing any physical work such as house-keeping, gardening, exercise, cleaning household products swimming pool or any another activity with water. If you wear your jewelry while doing these works it will tarnished jewelry within

short period of time. So while doing these work remove your jewelry first otherwise it can cause the jewelry to rust out and corrosion.

Keep your jewelry away from chemicals:

Keep your jewelry away from chemicals. Perfumes, hairspray, lotions, cosmetics all have some chemicals. You can find harmful chemicals in perfumes, lotions, hairspray that will affects on your jewelry. To avoid chemicals apply lotions, cosmetics, hairspray before dressing in jewelry

and take it off first. Keep your jewelry away from these products otherwise it will cause the color of the jewelry to fade out, make sure to remove your jewelry while using chemical products.

Identify the jewelry and don’t keep different kind of jewelry together:

The first thing that you can for it is keeping jewelry untangles and safely. To maintenance of jewelry first try to avoid keeping different kinds of jewelry together otherwise it can scratched, tangled or tarnished with each other and it will cause the other to breaking of the accessories. To keep it safe from getting tangles try to wrap each item

 of your jewelry in tissue or zip-up bags. It will keep your jewelry safe and also save from air exposure as well. While washing your jewelry choose the relevant method of cleaning. You need to wash your jewelry pieces one by one not put all kinds of jewelry in same washing dish. It will cause plating one pieces of jewelry to other piece. Also you need to take care of amount of liquid you used for washing.

Try to choose right tool for cleaning:

Wearing accessories for whole day or in pollution it gets germs and bacteria. To avoid or clean it you should choose right tool for good and better cleaning. First thing you need to remember while cleaning, clean your jewelry in secure location. Use a soft brush never use sharp or hard brush on accessories. Soft toothbrush can also be used for

cleaning but with care. Brush will help you clean off the dirt from inside of the edges. Hard brush might cause damage or scratches on jewelry. You can also use sponge for cleaning. To remove dirt, lotions, oils from jewelry with soft brush in warm water and mild detergents. Silver jewelry can be cleaned with mild detergents with turmeric powder. After clean under water clean your jewelry with wet wipe gently and let it dry and store it safely.

Keep away from heat and light:

Some pieces of jewelry also affects by the temperature. Sun’s harmful rays, light and heat affects the color of gemstone’s and also color of jewelry. When exposed too much light on jewelry it can fade or damage some jewelry pieces. Excessive heat and sudden temperature remove

the natural beauty of the accessories and it fade the color of the jewelry or sometimes develop tiny crack on it.

Store dry and shine jewelry:

Always dry your jewelry with dry wipe, jewelry wipe is the easiest way to wipe the jewelry. Water, moisture wipe out with dry wipe and then store dry jewelry in your jewelry box otherwise it will affects your jewelry, it may get tarnished or corrosion. If you noticed some jewelry

pieces looses its shine then simply apply the same color of nail paint on the same color of jewelry to keep its shine for long. It would help you to polished your jewelry in a better manner.

With these methods you will also need to take care of some jewelry pieces into a professional shop. Some fashion care jewelry instructions are also written on the pack of the jewelry, you can also try those to keep jewelry clean. You should clean your jewelry time to time while using any cleansing agent for cleaning the jewelry first test it on small piece of backside of the jewelry to check it will not affects on plating on jewelry. Select and clean jewelry with care it gives you lifestyle. Treat every piece of jewelry with love. You should also visit on jewelry stores from where you buy jewelry, many jewelry stores gives you free offer for check-up or cleaning jewelry within some interval of time. Like your body and clothing cleaning, jewelry cleaning is also important or in your hand how to care and keep it clean for long use.

Dressing ideas for the valentine

                     Dressing ideas for the valentine

Every person is genuinely fall in love with someone in his/her life. Lovers always looking for the right moment to confess their feelings and emotions with the heart full of love to the person whom you love. The valentine’s day is a celebration of that feeling called love. Here the festival of love the most beautiful occasion valentine’s day 2022 is on its way and this is the golden moment to express your feelings and emotions for your special one. Also this is a perfect occasion to start your love life with your partner. On this day lover shows their love by giving cards, flowers, chocolates and many more type of gifts with the message of affection. Lovers extremely wait for this day to express their feeling and this blog is all about the valentine day lovers, gifts, dresses and celebration.

History behind the valentine’s day:

Every festival is celebrated for some reason and valentine day is an international festival that celebrates feelings of love all over the world to pay a tribute to Saint valentine who gave away his life for the cause of love. Saint Valentine day is celebrated every year on 14th February on the death anniversary of St. valentine a pope from Rome in around 3rd century A.D. On that time Rome Emperor banned weddings in Rome because he thought that unmarried men made better soldiers that married men. No one was allowed to get married in that region. St. valentine secretly helped to lovers to get married on that time. He tried keeping things quiet, but, it failed to remain a secret for long. He was eventually caught and he was killed on 14th February of the year 270. It is believed that the day he was about to die, wrote a letter to jailor’s daughter with whom he was fallen in love on this day. Thus, people now celebrates valentine day in the remembrance of the priest valentine.

Dress colors code for valentine’s day 2022:

Every occasion demand a special outfit and who doesn’t like dressing up?  We are in the month of February, which is month of love. It’s not only the day to express love but also to look stylish which create an everlasting impression. Valentine day is special occasion for lovers so the rules are same for this day. But there always confusion lies in choosing the best outfit and accessories. Every person dream to make their valentine’s memorable or special and a perfect outfit helps you to impress your partner.

In this blog, we are also trying to give you a lot of color codes ideas for valentine’s day 2022. Color of dress also represents the personality and look of a person. So select the colors of your dress with carefully it improves your personality. Here are some beautiful colors that will help you to select best choice for you.

Orange color dress: Orange color represents on valentine’s day that a person is going to propose someone.

Red color dress: Red color represents on valentine’s day shows that a person he/she already in love with his/her partner and it also shows they are happily together with each other.

Green color dress: Green color represents on this day that he/she is waiting for the replies from their loved one. They are waiting for the positive response.

Blue color dress: Blue color represents on this day a person is of single status and it considered as he/she invited and open to love.

White color dress: White color represents that a person already love with someone.

Black color dress: Black is color that look classy and royal but on valentine’s day it represents that person is not interested in love.

Pink color dress: yellow color code indicates that a person is filled in love.

Brown color dress: brown color code represents on this day that a person’s heart is broken by someone.

Unique ideas to choose outfit for valentine’s day:

Valentine is dream date for many lovers and after long wait we are here to help you to select your outfit:

Lace dress: if you want to make your valentine’s romantic, then wear simple lace dress with heels and accessories that gives you very beautiful look.

Saree: Whether it is a simple date and a candlelight dinner at your favorite destination just wear simple saree with accessories that is a great addition to your look.

T-shirts or jeans: you can also wear a T-shirt or jeans that gives you classy look, jeans are the safest way to make a fashionable statement. For your hair, you can go for messy ponytail or a simple bun.

Skirts: Want to go with girlish look then you can go with skirts making it worthy of a valentine day date.

Long dresses: Date night with your partner then you need to wear long dresses like gown, maxi dresses that gives you classy and royal look.

Cocktail dress: With cocktail dress pair it with earrings go for a minimal base of makeup with touch of highlighter. Wear heels and make your eye- catching look of entire get up.

We have many more ideas or collections for you on V-day on our outfits collections like saree, maxi dress, crop dress, gown etc. that will help you to make your V-day more special.

Ideas for couple outfits:

On V-day every couple tries to find a different and best choice for wearing the best dress code to look different and stylish. Some of the ideas that you need to follow to choose unique outfits for V-day:

 V-day is a day for couple to express unconditional love for one another. If you go out for V-day on dinner date or outing then you need to wear an outfit which is worthy of the occasion. A few outfit ideas for couple outfits:

Matching outfit for couples: Red is color of love and black is classy and royal color. Matching this color of outfits for couple is excellent way to show their love and affection for each other. You can wear matching T-shirts, sweat shirts, maxi dress or many other ways to match their outfits.

Matching patterns dresses: if you want to wear casual outfits still want to look awesome then wear matching patterns shirts for him and midi dress or skirts for her. There are many patterns that are available like geometrical prints etc.

Matching T-shirts for couples: Everyone wants to look beautiful and impressive on V-day to wear outfit to impress his/her partner and make her valentine day memorable. Color co-ordinate outfits like to be more expressive about their love and some matching T-shirts with cute quotes, symbols, jokes on them is best outfit of V-day. Also T-shirts will make unique gifts for your lover.

Unique ideas for express your love with special gifts:

Words only are not enough to express your love it’s the right time to surprise your love with some gifts on V-day.

Express your love with flowers: you can take your partner to some beautiful destination and propose your love with bouquet of roses and express your feeling and emotions to your love one how much you love him/her.

Express your love with cards: On V-day you can make the best handmade card for your lover and write message for your love one convey your love through that card. You can also paste your picture on that card. Your partner will be happy to know how much you love them.

Chocolates as gift for beautiful relationship: every occasion have its value when you taste the sweets. So why not give your loved one a box of chocolates on this special occasion. Girls love sweet and chocolates. Convey your love with chocolate.

Romantic outdoor date: You can plan for your partner a romantic outdoor date. You can decorate that place with special lightning, flowers or collect lot of memorable picture of your love and present on that place with love and surprise your partner. The joy and happiness you will see on your partner’s face that make more special to this day. It will also make your partner understand that how much love and affection you have for your partner.

Gift her jewelry: Girls have a great fashion sense and they have great crush to wear jewelry and accessories that perfect for their outfit. If you want to give a meaningful gift, then tell her by gifting her a jewelry set. It is a unique way to show your love and care for your partner and it would be an awesome gift for your partner.

Beautiful accessories: Valentine’s day is all about expressing your love and feelings for your special one. There are countless ways to express your feeling. You can also express your love by giving a ring and bracelet to your partner. You can also gift a watch to your love.

Teddy gifts: We all know girls love chocolates and soft toys. They have lot of love for soft things like soft toys teddy. On any occasion soft toys gift is unique gift to show your love and care for your girlfriend, wife or friend. Purchase a beautiful teddy and write I love you on teddy. Give this unique teddy as gift to your loved one and show your love for your partner.

This special day of valentine not only for celebration it is most important day for lovers to make strong bond in your relationship with your loved one. Month of February is fast approaching and valentine is around to here so it’s time to plan for the day to celebration for yourself and for your loved one. Get ready to celebrate.

Fine Jewelry for Women

Jewelry is something that has been liked, loved and needed by women of all ages. I still remember days when I used to wear my Mom’s Silver American Diamond Choker Necklace. I used to just wear it whenever my mom is away or at work. My choice of jewelry is still same as I liked when I was too young. It is true our tastes are developed whatever we see during our childhood days. So Silver choker necklace is one of my favorite piece of jewelry.

I believe every girl does this by wearing their mom’s jewelry. Girls pretend to be bride or models, play and dress like a princess or aged women. Jewelry defines the entire look and no dress can be complete without it; however, there is no hard and fast rules to wear a piece of jewelry. It is your choice to look as you want.

There is not a single day in our life, when we cannot wear a piece of jewelry. Ma Panache offers you jewelry to wear on daily basis, office use, party wear, wedding functions etc.

The aim is to to attend every event and look fabulous. Why we recommend different piece of jewelry for different occasions? Idea is to look good not overdo. These days even watches are considered a part of your jewelry box because these tiny pieces not only tells you time but also add elegant to your overall personality.

Victoria would like to offer you few tips

  1. Some women really love to match everything, but leave it to tiny babies and girls. Let small creatures match their heels to their bag with their nail jewelry. Although this is not all inaccurate, but it is out of vogue. Go with the contrast pieces.
  2. If your dress is having a coat then you can match your jewelry with it.
  3. For office, only you need are studs. Do not overdo with bracelets as they can create annoying sounds while working. Chains are good only if they are light weight. Pair of anklets is straight forward no.
  4. Go for pearls.

Hopefully, with all of your upcoming appearances, you will rock with Ma Panache.

Love Your Wardrobe with Colorful Sarees This Summer Season of 2021

Saree is not only traditional but attractive attire. There is no Indian women on this planet who doea not know how pretty they look in this outfit. What is more?

Nowadays fashionista women are giving us thousands of new ideas to drape sarees by offering you exotic saree poses and then mix-n-match them with other modern outfits. Draping and Mixing is something that makes sarees even more spectacular and phenomenal. Apart from the way to carry a saree, the fabric as well as the fascinating work of a saree that makes all the difference in the fashionista’s complete look and feel. The outstanding collection makes them exceptionally charming as well as popular among all the women of India. I must say that the overall beauty of the saree makes it a top choice for women worldwide during festival seasons all the time.

Ma Panache offers you a wide range of saree designs for women of the 21st century which we describe as daily wear saree collection, sarees for office wear, exclusive festival wear saree, saree designs for weddings ceremonies, engagement look girlish sarees, Bollywood replica sarees, etc. Women can easily steal the limelight in this festive season with India’s one-of-a-kind festival wear series. Whether it’s your Wedding function, engagement, Pooja, Karwa Chauth, or Diwali celebration, these mind-blowing sophisticated saree designs will be perfect for that the most demanding fashionista elegant look. Set this festive mood and be the dazzling diva this Diwali with an elegant Collection of Sarees.

Without boasting off, we can say that without a saree in your wardrobe, your feminism will be left unfulfilled, thus we are trying to craft these dresses with a traditional touch so that it can reflect the festive moods of the country that give you the desired appearance.

Our appealing and fashionable Sarees will highlight your Indian diva look, it is hard to find a substitute for these saree designs. Nowadays, women give more emphasis on Border and Pallu of saree rather than the type of it, because this combination makes saree designs contemporary. These sarees have their charisma and appeal that will bring out their feminine strength in the most attractive manner.

Where Can I Buy These Sarees Online?

Ma Panache is the best online store available in India and Abroad that deal with a beautiful Exclusive range of party wear, daily wear, wedding, office wear, silk Sarees. All you need to do is log in to, browse a saree of your choice, and place your order. Ma Panache online store provides quick shipping and delivery options along with a secure gateway and multiple payment options. Beautifully crafted Sarees are definitely an incredible choice for any occasion. In fact, the best feature of these sarees is that they are ideal for any age.

3 Tips For Skin Blemishes and Dark Spots

Skin blemishes are the major concern despite gender. Most of the girls use some topical creams, such as benzoyl peroxide treat acne blemishes and breakouts. No matter what these products are effective but at the same time, these are really harmful to our skin. These products work in a fast way by drying out the skin and help us to get rid of acne-causing bacteria. Apart from this, washing your face twice daily with a cleanser containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid also helps to treat different types of acne. But, we should go for some home remedies to get rid of the acne problem permanently.

Internet is flooded with numerous home remedies but we are always confused what to try and what not to. Blemishes are not a one day task, they appear with long time and some marks are permanent on your skin. I believe we can never get rid of blemishes 100%. What we have to do? Just handshake with your blemishes and enjoy them as part of your body. In this way your will never be stressed out about the blemishes.

Now, let’s talk about some practical ways to eliminate the blemishes


Most of the skin consultants tell you to apply moisturizer on your skin all the time. But my personal experience is, apply cream-based products on your skin clog the pores and increase the pimples as well as acne. Which results in the blemishes. You should try some alternatives. I have plenty of alternative products to apply instead of moisturizers.

My first all-time favorite product is Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera has numerous benefits such as it is an instant solution for pimples, wrinkles and fine lines. You can blindly trust this product. Aloe Vera should be in Gel form or directly taken from the plant. The market is flooded with many trusted brands of Aloe Vera Gel. Go for it.

My second alternative to creams and lotions is Tea Tree Serum. It is a bit costlier than other skincare products. But gals when you start using this tea tree serum, you will never regret it. It not only keep your skin young, moist, and supple but also decreases the aging effect. My favorite tea tree serum is from the Innisfree brand which is part of the Korean Skin Care regime.


Again there are millions of facewash and cleansers available in the market but you should use as per your skin condition. Try to use something with aloe vera or turmeric ingredients, if you want to use herbal or ayurvedic cleansers. Long time back I used Vicco Foam Wash and the result was amazing. These days I am using the cleanser from Skincraft, I will not say much but I feel my skin breathing after washing my face with these cleansers.


To reduce blemishes you need to include the following ingredients into your daily diet. You cannot directly eat them but you need to find out foods that contain the following compounds in them

  • Beta carotene
  • Vitamin C
  • Azelaic acid
  • Pomegranate extract
  • Licorice extract

Women festival wear dresses for Diwali 2020

Women festival wear for Diwali 2020

Diwali is an an Indian festival of lights, sweets, crackers, new dresses for men, women and children. Women decorate their homes, doorways within their homes and offices with colorful rangoli, wiht magnificent designs. Diyas are lighten up at night along with candles. These days many vibrant lightening systems are also available in the market. People exchange gifts with their loved once, friends and family. In this rushy festival it is very common for women, men and children to buy new dresses and there special women festival wear range of dresses to look like goddesses.

Every Indian manufacturer and designers design dresses for this special occassion only. Women all over the India wear Anarkali suit, lehenga choli, designer kurtis, sarees, traditional evening dresses, designer cocktail dresses, vibrant silk kurtis, salwar suit, Pakistani sharara, Pakistani gharara, palazzo suit etc.

At, Ma Panache we brought to you the best women ethic dresses for Indian festivals such as Diwali. Here, one can buy online Indian ethnic traditional and western clothing for women. Ma Panache have wide range of Indian western dresses, lehenga choli, kurtis, sarees, fashion clothing, ethnic wear, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, short tops, kurtis, salwar suit, Pakistani sharara, Pakistani gharara, palazzo suit, pakistani sharara, Floor length suit, tunics, crop top, maxi dresses, anarkali suit and many more at reasonable cheap price.

Why to buy from Ma panache?

  • Best Quality
  • Latest Designs
  • Affordable price range
  • Unique collection

Check out some latest collection for this religious festival in our women’s evening wear specially for Diwali 2019

Check out more elegant women festival wear dresses for Diwali 2019

Ethnic Fashion Trends

Ethnic fashion trends are always in vogue and fashionista people always look for something ethnic but in contemporary style as ethnic fashion trends are always unique and adorable by all the men and women. Indian ethnic dresses are loved by the women across the World.

Ethnic dresses no doubt makes one women more beautiful but also confident. At Ma Panache we always try to bring the best range of adorable Indian designer ethnic dresses for the women. Our designer ethnic wear dresses have lot of options to choose from such as – Long Kurtis, Short Kurtis, Daily wear Sarees, Festival Sarees, Bridal lehengas, Long gowns, Cocktail dresses, Maxi dresses, Contemporary ethnic tunics, Anarkali Suit, Pakistani Suit, Pakistani Sharara, Palazzo Suit, Salwar Suit and many more.

We provide different traditional varieties in dresses:
MaPanache Indian ethnic wear have all type of Indian dresses which are traditionally wear by women. Traditional dresses are different in different parts of the country or appear in different forms according to the occasion and we provide all the traditional and stylish dresses for the women. Like – Sarees, suits, kurtas, lehenga, sharara suit, salwar suit, palazzo suit, maxi dresses and many more. All these categories can be shopping at MaPanache.
Every woman always dreams of to look perfect and gorgeous on special occasions such as party, festival or wedding functions. So the right selection of outfit matters the most to look awesome and center of attraction at any event. That’s why we have brought to you the best of designer dresses of celebrity style, cocktail ethnic wear to choose for season and festival. We give you the perfect opportunities to doll up or slay in style. Buy a wide range of colorful Indian designer outfits of different Indian designers for your special parties or functions.

Again, Weddings are celebrated is once in a lifetime in most of the cases. Selecting the right wedding dress is again a very complicated task and the most important thing in one’s life. Sometimes, people are in hurry to organize marriage function, thus for them we have brought Indian wedding designer dresses through online shopping mode. When in hurry go for online shopping.

Wearing ethnic is in vogue in 2021

Fashionistas are always searching for unique and trendy styles but wearing ethnic is in vogue in 2021. Indian ethnic touch is given to dresses beloved by women across the World. It is a unique loved and popular choice of dressing across the globe. Ethnic touch dresses give beauty to every woman who wears them. MaPanache offers a wide range of adorable Indian designer wear for women. Stunning designer ethnic wear can now be shopped online from MaPanache where you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to Indian ethnic designer clothes like – Wedding dresses, Pakistani Sharara, Kurtis, Sarees, lehengas, gowns, cocktail dresses, maxi dresses, and many more varieties.

We provide different traditional varieties in dresses:

MaPanache Indian ethnic wear have all type of Indian dresses which are traditionally wear by women. Traditional dresses are different in different parts of the country or appear in different forms according to the occasion and we provide all the traditional and stylish dresses for the women. Like – Sarees, suits, kurtas, lehenga, sharara suit, salwar suit, palazzo suit, maxi dresses and many more. All these categories can be shopping at MaPanache.

Designer dresses for parties:

Every girl has dream to look perfect and gorgeous on special occasions such as festivals of all type, birthday celebrations, wedding functions, new year celebration, Christmas eve etc. So, selection of outfit matters the most to look stunning. At MaPanache we have wide range of designer dresses of celebrity style, cocktail ethnic wear to choose for wedding or any other function or party. We give you the perfect opportunities to dress up or stay in style. Buy Indian designer outfits of different designs or of different colors for your special parties or functions.

Designer dresses for Bridal:

Bridal dress is worn once in a lifetime. Choosing the right wedding dress is the most important thing. For Indian designer dresses online shopping is the best way to choose variety of dresses in one place. For best designer bridal lehengas, Saree, gown, lehenga choli, and more. These are perfect for any type of wedding occasions and are suits everyone at the wedding function. You have wide range of style and designs to choose from Mapanache online shopping destination we have collection of designer traditional dresses for every occasion on MaPanache.

Designer maxi dresses and kurtis:

Maxi dresses are best choice for girls. Here are the stunning maxi dresses on MaPanache of very popular designs and of good fabric to promises comfort to wear.

Here are also amazing kurtis and kurtis gown in vogue and only available for to shop online on MaPanache.

Buy designer dresses online:

Keeping the taste and choices of our customers in mind we have aim to stock variety of designer ethnic clothes online for women in every style on MaPanache. Our website have collection of different style of ethnic dresses.

Wear designer stunning dresses just a click on Ma Panache.

Indian Saree is evergreen women attire across the globe

Indian Sare is loved by not only fashionistas but everyone across the world. One common question always arises, Why saree is so popular and Why Indian sarees are in Vogue across the globe?

As per Wikipedia’s article, Indian saree does not need an introduction but, History of sari-like drapery is traced back to the Indus Valley Civilisation, which flourished during 2800–1800 BCE around the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent. Saree word came from the word śāṭī that is a piece of cloth which evolved to sāṛī in modern Indian languages.

Saree is a very old yet fashionable Indian attire and loved by fashionista on this planet. Not only Indian Women but I have seen women across the globe try different styles of basic sarees. Trends change every day, with these people also changes their dressing styles. Women’s choice keeps on changing with time, needs, habits, fashion, lifestyle also has changed according to time. But nothing has changed the women’s love for the sarees. The style of wearing saree also keeps on changing with times as everyday styles of wearing saree are available nowadays. That’s why Indian saree is evergreen women attire across the globe.

India has been known for its beautiful designer dresses and costumes but saree maintained its popularity and attained great importance among the other dresses. The craze of saree in women increasing day by day due to its global popularity. On many occasions or marriages in different states of india and another countries sari is most preferred dress by women and also preferred by the bride on her wedding or engagement. Mostly Indian women love to wear the saree in the functions like parties, wedding, festivals, engagement. They love saree above all outfits. Saree is that best dress which is available in different patterns and styles for all age women.

When we think about saree to wear during any occasion it becomes a tough choice for women to pick one best saree from so many choices. If you want to make your look beautiful and get eye-catching attention from everyone then go for the designer sarees that make you look stunning and adorable.

Ma panache online shopping store provides you the best designer and gorgeous sarees collection like wedding sarees, party wear sarees, casual sarees with latest designs, prints and work of zari work, mirror work, embroideries and so on. You can select the best designer saree from Ma Panache very easily as under on the roof by some clicking. When you visit this site you find different categories of dresses and also for saree – look at the trendy designs of saree and shop for your saree you want. Patterns and designs are changing with the time on Ma Panache. Ma Panache providing unique designs that make your look glamorous. You can also shop here for the bridal saree which makes you look like a celebrity or an angle. You can also select or worn saree according to the season, climate, festivals, functions, and occasion. For example cotton cloth, georgette, embroidery, chiffon, brocade, digital printed, burfi saree, banarasi silk, banglori silk, art silk, etc.

Colors for saree:

Color of saree plays a very important role – Ma Panache provides you a wide spectrum of colors of saree. You could choose the color of your preference and select various new and fresh colors of different shades dark and vibrant colors, which make you look unique.

Embroidered designer saree:

You can find different styles of embroidery work on saree which changes the entire look of the saree and play a very important role. You can find at Ma Panache different styles of work like a mixture of zari work, mirror work, embroideries, digital printed, brocade, stones, beads, heavy thread work, lacework. You look gorgeous when you drop these designer masterpieces. It adds beauty to your personality in parties and wedding functions.

High-quality fabrics are used for saree:

Fabric plays a very important role while designing the saree. At Ma Panache you can get your saree customized by designers and best quality fabric that you are comfortable with it. Designer saree at Ma Panache present in soft, delicate, light-weighted materials that make you look amazing and gorgeous. When you wear it you feel very comfortable with their comfortable fabrics. Select the fabric suiting your body type.
Best online shopping site in india for women ethnic designer saree and lehenga choli

Ma Panache – shop online for latest designs and gorgeous saree collections such as wedding sarees, party wear sarees, casual sarees, bridal sarees with different styles and prints. In order to find all this you just new for few clicks online at Ma Panache and look for best designs. You can visit our store and purchase saree and place orders online. Wear them and look like a stunner on every occasion. Your dreams come true here.

Fashion trends for fashionista women in 2021

Fashion is beyond definition and everyone looks for Fashion trends and especially fashion trends for fashionista women in 2019 but I guess one should not take ‘fashion’ too seriously. Rather I always enjoy the changes and accept the style in which I am more confident and comfortable. It is rare when I am grabbing the latest fashion trend, I mean to say the latest trends do not lure me but I lure people with my own style.

I do not take ‘fashion’ too seriously. Rather I always enjoy the changes and accept the style in which I am more confident and comfortable. It is rare when I am grabbing the latest fashion trend, I mean to say the latest trends do not lure me but I lure people with my own style.

Whenever you hit the market, you will come to know that the same fabric and same styles are represented in some way. That is the only reason I develop a habit of creating my own style.

Just to avoid similarity I design my dresses.

Of course, your fashion ward rob should have basics, It is the copyright of every woman regardless of age and skin tone.

This summer more of the free-flowing asymmetrical, frilly, and floral in retro-chic look will rule the fashion industry. Even boys love asymmetrical dresses for their partners. Asymmetrical dresses look like flower petals. No doubt both are different but have layers.

Cocktail dresses are no shorter now. In the contemporary era, Cocktail does not mean only party wear and comfortable. But they do mean long gowns, loved, even more, when they are in silk and metallic colors. Fashion experts say pastel hues and linen pants are going to be the rage.

Instead of wearing cocktail dresses, you should go for the cocktail sarees.

Street fashion is dying and no facts are required to fulfill the statement. Even in corporate offices, women are being seen flaunting Anarkali styles with confidence. Such women are making style statements more prominent. Asymmetrical dresses in pastels will be ruling the fashion world, no doubt.

Famous Indian designer says Old rose, pistachio, duck egg blue, ochre, olive, faded mustard, and pearl-grey, with an emphasis on ivory as a base tone to highlight the softness of this pastel palette.

The garments with organza and swiss cotton will rule the spring and summer of the year 2021 completely.

You could call it a kind of essential wardrobe for everyone.  All the amazing dresses to begin building your working wardrobe. These are the precious items that you will wear and keep with you for years. Such dresses are real possessions.