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Dressing ideas for the valentine

                     Dressing ideas for the valentine

Every person is genuinely fall in love with someone in his/her life. Lovers always looking for the right moment to confess their feelings and emotions with the heart full of love to the person whom you love. The valentine’s day is a celebration of that feeling called love. Here the festival of love the most beautiful occasion valentine’s day 2022 is on its way and this is the golden moment to express your feelings and emotions for your special one. Also this is a perfect occasion to start your love life with your partner. On this day lover shows their love by giving cards, flowers, chocolates and many more type of gifts with the message of affection. Lovers extremely wait for this day to express their feeling and this blog is all about the valentine day lovers, gifts, dresses and celebration.

History behind the valentine’s day:

Every festival is celebrated for some reason and valentine day is an international festival that celebrates feelings of love all over the world to pay a tribute to Saint valentine who gave away his life for the cause of love. Saint Valentine day is celebrated every year on 14th February on the death anniversary of St. valentine a pope from Rome in around 3rd century A.D. On that time Rome Emperor banned weddings in Rome because he thought that unmarried men made better soldiers that married men. No one was allowed to get married in that region. St. valentine secretly helped to lovers to get married on that time. He tried keeping things quiet, but, it failed to remain a secret for long. He was eventually caught and he was killed on 14th February of the year 270. It is believed that the day he was about to die, wrote a letter to jailor’s daughter with whom he was fallen in love on this day. Thus, people now celebrates valentine day in the remembrance of the priest valentine.

Dress colors code for valentine’s day 2022:

Every occasion demand a special outfit and who doesn’t like dressing up?  We are in the month of February, which is month of love. It’s not only the day to express love but also to look stylish which create an everlasting impression. Valentine day is special occasion for lovers so the rules are same for this day. But there always confusion lies in choosing the best outfit and accessories. Every person dream to make their valentine’s memorable or special and a perfect outfit helps you to impress your partner.

In this blog, we are also trying to give you a lot of color codes ideas for valentine’s day 2022. Color of dress also represents the personality and look of a person. So select the colors of your dress with carefully it improves your personality. Here are some beautiful colors that will help you to select best choice for you.

Orange color dress: Orange color represents on valentine’s day that a person is going to propose someone.

Red color dress: Red color represents on valentine’s day shows that a person he/she already in love with his/her partner and it also shows they are happily together with each other.

Green color dress: Green color represents on this day that he/she is waiting for the replies from their loved one. They are waiting for the positive response.

Blue color dress: Blue color represents on this day a person is of single status and it considered as he/she invited and open to love.

White color dress: White color represents that a person already love with someone.

Black color dress: Black is color that look classy and royal but on valentine’s day it represents that person is not interested in love.

Pink color dress: yellow color code indicates that a person is filled in love.

Brown color dress: brown color code represents on this day that a person’s heart is broken by someone.

Unique ideas to choose outfit for valentine’s day:

Valentine is dream date for many lovers and after long wait we are here to help you to select your outfit:

Lace dress: if you want to make your valentine’s romantic, then wear simple lace dress with heels and accessories that gives you very beautiful look.

Saree: Whether it is a simple date and a candlelight dinner at your favorite destination just wear simple saree with accessories that is a great addition to your look.

T-shirts or jeans: you can also wear a T-shirt or jeans that gives you classy look, jeans are the safest way to make a fashionable statement. For your hair, you can go for messy ponytail or a simple bun.

Skirts: Want to go with girlish look then you can go with skirts making it worthy of a valentine day date.

Long dresses: Date night with your partner then you need to wear long dresses like gown, maxi dresses that gives you classy and royal look.

Cocktail dress: With cocktail dress pair it with earrings go for a minimal base of makeup with touch of highlighter. Wear heels and make your eye- catching look of entire get up.

We have many more ideas or collections for you on V-day on our mapanache.com outfits collections like saree, maxi dress, crop dress, gown etc. that will help you to make your V-day more special.

Ideas for couple outfits:

On V-day every couple tries to find a different and best choice for wearing the best dress code to look different and stylish. Some of the ideas that you need to follow to choose unique outfits for V-day:

 V-day is a day for couple to express unconditional love for one another. If you go out for V-day on dinner date or outing then you need to wear an outfit which is worthy of the occasion. A few outfit ideas for couple outfits:

Matching outfit for couples: Red is color of love and black is classy and royal color. Matching this color of outfits for couple is excellent way to show their love and affection for each other. You can wear matching T-shirts, sweat shirts, maxi dress or many other ways to match their outfits.

Matching patterns dresses: if you want to wear casual outfits still want to look awesome then wear matching patterns shirts for him and midi dress or skirts for her. There are many patterns that are available like geometrical prints etc.

Matching T-shirts for couples: Everyone wants to look beautiful and impressive on V-day to wear outfit to impress his/her partner and make her valentine day memorable. Color co-ordinate outfits like to be more expressive about their love and some matching T-shirts with cute quotes, symbols, jokes on them is best outfit of V-day. Also T-shirts will make unique gifts for your lover.

Unique ideas for express your love with special gifts:

Words only are not enough to express your love it’s the right time to surprise your love with some gifts on V-day.

Express your love with flowers: you can take your partner to some beautiful destination and propose your love with bouquet of roses and express your feeling and emotions to your love one how much you love him/her.

Express your love with cards: On V-day you can make the best handmade card for your lover and write message for your love one convey your love through that card. You can also paste your picture on that card. Your partner will be happy to know how much you love them.

Chocolates as gift for beautiful relationship: every occasion have its value when you taste the sweets. So why not give your loved one a box of chocolates on this special occasion. Girls love sweet and chocolates. Convey your love with chocolate.

Romantic outdoor date: You can plan for your partner a romantic outdoor date. You can decorate that place with special lightning, flowers or collect lot of memorable picture of your love and present on that place with love and surprise your partner. The joy and happiness you will see on your partner’s face that make more special to this day. It will also make your partner understand that how much love and affection you have for your partner.

Gift her jewelry: Girls have a great fashion sense and they have great crush to wear jewelry and accessories that perfect for their outfit. If you want to give a meaningful gift, then tell her by gifting her a jewelry set. It is a unique way to show your love and care for your partner and it would be an awesome gift for your partner.

Beautiful accessories: Valentine’s day is all about expressing your love and feelings for your special one. There are countless ways to express your feeling. You can also express your love by giving a ring and bracelet to your partner. You can also gift a watch to your love.

Teddy gifts: We all know girls love chocolates and soft toys. They have lot of love for soft things like soft toys teddy. On any occasion soft toys gift is unique gift to show your love and care for your girlfriend, wife or friend. Purchase a beautiful teddy and write I love you on teddy. Give this unique teddy as gift to your loved one and show your love for your partner.

This special day of valentine not only for celebration it is most important day for lovers to make strong bond in your relationship with your loved one. Month of February is fast approaching and valentine is around to here so it’s time to plan for the day to celebration for yourself and for your loved one. Get ready to celebrate.

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