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Designs of Antique Earrings For Woman to Buy Online

Antique jewelry earrings is a way of keeping memories alive. Fashion comes and go but style never. Jewelry is one of them that never go out of trend. Jewelry is beautiful accessory that can be worn to achieve variety of looks.

Women love to wear different type of jewelry as a passion and add glamour to their style or outfit. Jewelry is an important part of human culture since the early days of civilization. Jewelry comes in many forms and designs. Antique jewelry is one of them that is always in demand and grow up their style. Now, the question stuck our mind what is antique jewelry? Here antique jewelry means any piece of jewelry is considered antique when the piece is above 100 years old that means any jewelry made around 1930 or before is antique. Antique jewelry is just like normal jewelry but designs of antique are more traditional which are inspired by ancient culture. Antique jewelry piece have different analogy that make them special, and most jewelry had a deeper meaning in ancient times, material used, gemstones pieces spread different messages. Antique jewelry is trending decades and periods. The antique jewelry are mostly handcrafted and made with passion and love by highly skilled craftsman. Each jewelry set is unique in itself. Many pieces of antique jewelry mark high quality gemstones that continues to raise interest among people and these never go out if trend.

There are many types of antique jewelry such as necklace, earrings, rings, bracelets, watches etc. one can never get enough of such antique jewelry sets may it be handcrafted earrings. Yes, today we are going to talk about antique earrings that highly in demand. Women love to wear antique earrings over other accessories because earring alone highlights the beauty and features of women. Antique earrings are most popular form of earrings plated with organic black polish layer applied to them to give it an antique look. This antique finish earring

 has become very popular among women across the world as it gives the women a bold and traditional look. Antique earrings is crafted using precious gems, metals, pearls, diamonds, materials to give them a classic appearance that shows the best craftsmanship and quality. Antique earrings can be paired with every kind of outfit and can be worn on every event.

Handcrafted earrings: the antique earrings jewelry sets are made with passion and love and these are mostly handcrafted. These earrings are always unique and never go out of trend. Antique earring looks awesome with traditional as well as western dresses. It is also used as a style statement if you pair it with your outfit in the right manner. Many celebrities and fashion influencers wear such earrings in their regular use. You can also pair antique earring with any kind of outfit to get the enhanced look.

Women have been enhanced earring of different styles that explain the style correctly. Here are some types of antique earrings and lets read more about antique earring designs which are inspired by ancient designs:

Antique drop earrings:

Antique drop earrings are earrings that hang slightly below the earlobe. Designs of drop earrings have an elegant and feminine look. It have been popular throughout the years. They have timeless design gemstones at the base or bottom of earring and it attached to the ear with stud or hook. Earrings were suspended from hooks or wires. Top section attached to the earlobe and drop earring dangled just below the earlobe. Antique drop earrings can be made up of everything like gemstones, plastics, wood, precious metals, natural elements. Drop earring techniques and designs are traditional that will complement any outfit. They can be worn day and night events.

Antique button earrings:

Antique button jewelry can be made up of many types of materials, gemstones, plastics or other metals. It is attached to ear wire with round button type shape material. Ear wire is put in the earlobe and bottom earring is attached to the ear. Style of button earring become popular in 1930s and design vary from time to time. It never go out of trend. You can wear it in office, functions or occasions.

Antique stud earrings:

Stud earrings popular in the late 1800s and upgrade this earring decade to decade. Diamonds, gemstones, pearls are used to design the studs earrings. In ancient time older precious gemstones are used to design stud earring but old gemstones are removed from earrings to design beautiful modern earrings. Stud earrings put on the earlobe and feature a single diamond, pearl, gemstones, multiple gemstones on a small cluster. It can be worn everyday or on special occasions. Stud antique earrings not only complement your style but when you wear these earrings, it talk about who you are in simple way. It suits on all colors, dresses, patterns. If you are looking to style yourself for an evening outgoing then attire these stud earrings.

Chandeliers jhumkas:

The antique chandeliers jhumkas are great addition to your traditional and western outfits. Chandeliers jhumkas are come in various designs, variations, patterns and infinite styles and patterns of peacocks, elephants, lotus, flowers, geometric patterns on jhumkas. It also comes in light weight designs. Stud and hook is attached with earlobe and jhumka is dangling below earlobe. You can also mix and match these jhumka on festival days with traditional sari, own wedding or to celebrate weddings, office events.

Make any occasion sparkle with antique earrings. Antique earring is most famous accessory. This accessory can help you to give desired look. These can be paired up well with different items on different events. Antique earring jewelry is much more reasonable to buy and value of such jewelry keeps increases with time.

Caring of antique earrings is extremely important it doesn’t come in contact with water or any cleaning solution because it will spoil your earrings polish and your jewelry. Always clean it with fabric cloth.

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