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3 Tips For Skin Blemishes and Dark Spots

Skin blemishes are the major concern despite gender. Most of the girls use some topical creams, such as benzoyl peroxide treat acne blemishes and breakouts. No matter what these products are effective but at the same time, these are really harmful to our skin. These products work in a fast way by drying out the skin and help us to get rid of acne-causing bacteria. Apart from this, washing your face twice daily with a cleanser containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid also helps to treat different types of acne. But, we should go for some home remedies to get rid of the acne problem permanently.

Internet is flooded with numerous home remedies but we are always confused what to try and what not to. Blemishes are not a one day task, they appear with long time and some marks are permanent on your skin. I believe we can never get rid of blemishes 100%. What we have to do? Just handshake with your blemishes and enjoy them as part of your body. In this way your will never be stressed out about the blemishes.

Now, let’s talk about some practical ways to eliminate the blemishes


Most of the skin consultants tell you to apply moisturizer on your skin all the time. But my personal experience is, apply cream-based products on your skin clog the pores and increase the pimples as well as acne. Which results in the blemishes. You should try some alternatives. I have plenty of alternative products to apply instead of moisturizers.

My first all-time favorite product is Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera has numerous benefits such as it is an instant solution for pimples, wrinkles and fine lines. You can blindly trust this product. Aloe Vera should be in Gel form or directly taken from the plant. The market is flooded with many trusted brands of Aloe Vera Gel. Go for it.

My second alternative to creams and lotions is Tea Tree Serum. It is a bit costlier than other skincare products. But gals when you start using this tea tree serum, you will never regret it. It not only keep your skin young, moist, and supple but also decreases the aging effect. My favorite tea tree serum is from the Innisfree brand which is part of the Korean Skin Care regime.


Again there are millions of facewash and cleansers available in the market but you should use as per your skin condition. Try to use something with aloe vera or turmeric ingredients, if you want to use herbal or ayurvedic cleansers. Long time back I used Vicco Foam Wash and the result was amazing. These days I am using the cleanser from Skincraft, I will not say much but I feel my skin breathing after washing my face with these cleansers.


To reduce blemishes you need to include the following ingredients into your daily diet. You cannot directly eat them but you need to find out foods that contain the following compounds in them

  • Beta carotene
  • Vitamin C
  • Azelaic acid
  • Pomegranate extract
  • Licorice extract

K-Beauty Flawless Skin with Korean Beauty Hacks and Korean Skincare Products

Korean skincare regime is loved by many thus I will be sharing with you K-Beauty Flawless Skin with Korean Beauty Hacks and Korean Skincare Products.

What is the Korean Skin and Korean Skin or K-Beauty Care Regime?

Korean Skin involves glowing ‘glass’ skin which is completely flawless. Some women apply layers of similar foundation to look as beautiful as Korean women are whereas some other women with the help of the Korean skincare regime and with some Korean products nourish their skin and become Korean Beauties.

Disclaimer – I personally like skin nourishment instead of being beautiful or fair but, I would like to share some benefits of certain K-Beauty products.


My Skin After Using Korean Skin Care Regime

Is it safe to use Korean Skin Care Products?

I personally believe that Korean Skin Care Products are a little costly but give you an amazing set of results. I had used Innisfree Korean Skin Care Products are results are just amazing.

Apart from products, there are some beauty hacks to make your skin glass-like

  1. Steam bath using Eucalyptus leaves.
  2. Exfoliate your skin with coffee scrub and packs
  3. Use a face mask with volcanic pore clay properties
  4. Use Jeju Orchid Moisturisers and Creams
  5. To bring out the natural blush of your lips use a sugar scrub.
  6. All the time use lip balm.
  7. Use an overnight sleeping mask.
  8. Use serums on your skin rather than creams
  9. For hands and feet use natural creams. I recommend Glysomed Hand Cream
  10. Drink Detox water the whole day. Prepare detox water with mint, ginger, Lemon herbs.

Best Tea Tree Serum For Korean Skin

Korean Skin Glass Pore Clay Mask

Women festival wear dresses for Diwali 2020

Women festival wear for Diwali 2020

Diwali is an an Indian festival of lights, sweets, crackers, new dresses for men, women and children. Women decorate their homes, doorways within their homes and offices with colorful rangoli, wiht magnificent designs. Diyas are lighten up at night along with candles. These days many vibrant lightening systems are also available in the market. People exchange gifts with their loved once, friends and family. In this rushy festival it is very common for women, men and children to buy new dresses and there special women festival wear range of dresses to look like goddesses.

Every Indian manufacturer and designers design dresses for this special occassion only. Women all over the India wear Anarkali suit, lehenga choli, designer kurtis, sarees, traditional evening dresses, designer cocktail dresses, vibrant silk kurtis, salwar suit, Pakistani sharara, Pakistani gharara, palazzo suit etc.

At, Ma Panache we brought to you the best women ethic dresses for Indian festivals such as Diwali. Here, one can buy online Indian ethnic traditional and western clothing for women. Ma Panache have wide range of Indian western dresses, lehenga choli, kurtis, sarees, fashion clothing, ethnic wear, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, short tops, kurtis, salwar suit, Pakistani sharara, Pakistani gharara, palazzo suit, pakistani sharara, Floor length suit, tunics, crop top, maxi dresses, anarkali suit and many more at reasonable cheap price.

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Korean Skin Care Tip to transform your skin – Korean Skin Care Routine

Korean skin is the dream of every fashionista women and every women is trying hard to get beautiful skin like the Korean girls. No doubt Korean women are blessed with natural skin which is called Korea skin but no doubt women from other parts of the globe can get same skin by this Korean skin care tip which is an ancient skin care tip.

Benefit of this secret Korean skin care tip

  • A secret tip which was hidden and no one revealed it till today.
  • Korean skin care tip does not cost you thousand of dollars now.
  • Trusted by millions of famous personalities. This skin care tip was so cheap yet every celebrity was afraid to reveal because of the companies which sell costly products will never let this tip believe by the general public.
  • Get snow white blemish free skin at your home.
  • Say no to all the creams available in the market.
    Say no to heavy facials.
  • Say no to chemicals.
  • Say yes to this secret tip.

Disclaimer – I have tried this for a year and I am blessed with blemish free skin.

Now What is this secret tip for a Korean skin.

STEAM MASSAGE – If you every get a chance to visit Korean and talk to the natives, you will be surprised to know that in every corner there are steam parlors available, which provides you steam at a very low cost. But people think they might be mixing some herbs or some costly products to make your skin radiant. But that is not true.

Ingredients to this facial steam
1. Water
2. Eucalyptus leafs

Benefits of Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is tree which is very big in height and is native to Australia. Eucalyptus tree is now available in many parts of the world. This is a medicinal tree which is high in antioxidants. Steam and eucalyptus is also good for common cold and cough thus used is many many medicines to treat nasal infections. It not only gives us blemish free skin but also make a protective layer on it.

Surprised now completely.

Take water in a pan or a steam machine and boil it to a point that steam starts coming out pf it. Now add some fresh Eucalyptus leafs into it. Get steam onto your face for 10-15. Now with circular motions with your fingers start massaging your face. You should let the vapors absorb into your skin. Now Massaging increases blood circulation and creates a snow white complexion. You should do it daily for up to three months.

Your work is done. You do not need any lotions or creams now. If you are going out then you can just apply some Aloevera.

Cheers 🙂

Online Shopping Is The Talk Of The Town

Online Shopping for latest fashion trends in 21st century is in vogue. Internet is flooded with Online Shopping Website not only in India but across the globe. All Online Store over the internet gives you an amazing worthy lifestyle online shopping experience. One do not need to ask friends where are the cheap clothes near me, but they just need to search on google best online shopping sites. Over the internet there are millions of websites giving you latest fashion trends at your finger tips. Online shopping sites have everything you need such as women dresses, men wear, women’s plus size clothing, large size clothing, dresses for fat women, cheap plus size women’s clothing,
summer wear, winter wear, crop top and jeans, beach wedding dresses or bridal dresses, groom dresses, two piece outfits and ladies clothing sale.

There is nothing in the era of internet which is not available online these days. There are many websites which offer you online video shopping these days such ezmall online shopping website India.

You can have ideas about spring 2020 fashion trends, winter fashion trends 2019, fall 2019 fashion trends in advance or can search for 2018
fashion trends women’s or latest fashion trends in 2018 for men and women to see what was in demand last year.

Why women Love Shopping Online ?

All the Fashionista Women like me Love Shopping Online Because in the scorching heat they do not want to step out in the sun and enjoy the luxury and lifestyle shopping at home.

As an online shopping store owner, it is utmost important to find inspiration and innovation from every other source of information and to see what is in vogue these days. I spend hours over the internet browsing various sites and see what they are offering to public. I am a geek who always look for what people are searching over internet and see what is in trend in 2019. Ma Panache gives you a good place to start online shopping at any time because what every you are searching is available on our Online Shopping Store. In the mobile world where Mobile phones are our small shopping store as we find it convenient to shop online while sitting at home, watching TV or just passing time with kids. My aim is to make online shopping experience worth for every women.

Ethnic Fashion Trends

Ethnic fashion trends are always in vogue and fashionista people always look for something ethnic but in contemporary style as ethnic fashion trends are always unique and adorable by all the men and women. Indian ethnic dresses are loved by the women across the World.

Ethnic dresses no doubt makes one women more beautiful but also confident. At Ma Panache we always try to bring the best range of adorable Indian designer ethnic dresses for the women. Our designer ethnic wear dresses have lot of options to choose from such as – Long Kurtis, Short Kurtis, Daily wear Sarees, Festival Sarees, Bridal lehengas, Long gowns, Cocktail dresses, Maxi dresses, Contemporary ethnic tunics, Anarkali Suit, Pakistani Suit, Pakistani Sharara, Palazzo Suit, Salwar Suit and many more.

We provide different traditional varieties in dresses:
MaPanache Indian ethnic wear have all type of Indian dresses which are traditionally wear by women. Traditional dresses are different in different parts of the country or appear in different forms according to the occasion and we provide all the traditional and stylish dresses for the women. Like – Sarees, suits, kurtas, lehenga, sharara suit, salwar suit, palazzo suit, maxi dresses and many more. All these categories can be shopping at MaPanache.
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Again, Weddings are celebrated is once in a lifetime in most of the cases. Selecting the right wedding dress is again a very complicated task and the most important thing in one’s life. Sometimes, people are in hurry to organize marriage function, thus for them we have brought Indian wedding designer dresses through online shopping mode. When in hurry go for online shopping.

Wearing ethnic is in vogue in 2021

Fashionistas are always searching for unique and trendy styles but wearing ethnic is in vogue in 2021. Indian ethnic touch is given to dresses beloved by women across the World. It is a unique loved and popular choice of dressing across the globe. Ethnic touch dresses give beauty to every woman who wears them. MaPanache offers a wide range of adorable Indian designer wear for women. Stunning designer ethnic wear can now be shopped online from MaPanache where you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to Indian ethnic designer clothes like – Wedding dresses, Pakistani Sharara, Kurtis, Sarees, lehengas, gowns, cocktail dresses, maxi dresses, and many more varieties.

We provide different traditional varieties in dresses:

MaPanache Indian ethnic wear have all type of Indian dresses which are traditionally wear by women. Traditional dresses are different in different parts of the country or appear in different forms according to the occasion and we provide all the traditional and stylish dresses for the women. Like – Sarees, suits, kurtas, lehenga, sharara suit, salwar suit, palazzo suit, maxi dresses and many more. All these categories can be shopping at MaPanache.

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Bridal dress is worn once in a lifetime. Choosing the right wedding dress is the most important thing. For Indian designer dresses online shopping is the best way to choose variety of dresses in one place. For best designer bridal lehengas, Saree, gown, lehenga choli, and more. These are perfect for any type of wedding occasions and are suits everyone at the wedding function. You have wide range of style and designs to choose from Mapanache online shopping destination we have collection of designer traditional dresses for every occasion on MaPanache.

Designer maxi dresses and kurtis:

Maxi dresses are best choice for girls. Here are the stunning maxi dresses on MaPanache of very popular designs and of good fabric to promises comfort to wear.

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Indian Saree is evergreen women attire across the globe

Indian Sare is loved by not only fashionistas but everyone across the world. One common question always arises, Why saree is so popular and Why Indian sarees are in Vogue across the globe?

As per Wikipedia’s article, Indian saree does not need an introduction but, History of sari-like drapery is traced back to the Indus Valley Civilisation, which flourished during 2800–1800 BCE around the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent. Saree word came from the word śāṭī that is a piece of cloth which evolved to sāṛī in modern Indian languages.

Saree is a very old yet fashionable Indian attire and loved by fashionista on this planet. Not only Indian Women but I have seen women across the globe try different styles of basic sarees. Trends change every day, with these people also changes their dressing styles. Women’s choice keeps on changing with time, needs, habits, fashion, lifestyle also has changed according to time. But nothing has changed the women’s love for the sarees. The style of wearing saree also keeps on changing with times as everyday styles of wearing saree are available nowadays. That’s why Indian saree is evergreen women attire across the globe.

India has been known for its beautiful designer dresses and costumes but saree maintained its popularity and attained great importance among the other dresses. The craze of saree in women increasing day by day due to its global popularity. On many occasions or marriages in different states of india and another countries sari is most preferred dress by women and also preferred by the bride on her wedding or engagement. Mostly Indian women love to wear the saree in the functions like parties, wedding, festivals, engagement. They love saree above all outfits. Saree is that best dress which is available in different patterns and styles for all age women.

When we think about saree to wear during any occasion it becomes a tough choice for women to pick one best saree from so many choices. If you want to make your look beautiful and get eye-catching attention from everyone then go for the designer sarees that make you look stunning and adorable.

Ma panache online shopping store provides you the best designer and gorgeous sarees collection like wedding sarees, party wear sarees, casual sarees with latest designs, prints and work of zari work, mirror work, embroideries and so on. You can select the best designer saree from Ma Panache very easily as under on the roof by some clicking. When you visit this site you find different categories of dresses and also for saree – look at the trendy designs of saree and shop for your saree you want. Patterns and designs are changing with the time on Ma Panache. Ma Panache providing unique designs that make your look glamorous. You can also shop here for the bridal saree which makes you look like a celebrity or an angle. You can also select or worn saree according to the season, climate, festivals, functions, and occasion. For example cotton cloth, georgette, embroidery, chiffon, brocade, digital printed, burfi saree, banarasi silk, banglori silk, art silk, etc.

Colors for saree:

Color of saree plays a very important role – Ma Panache provides you a wide spectrum of colors of saree. You could choose the color of your preference and select various new and fresh colors of different shades dark and vibrant colors, which make you look unique.

Embroidered designer saree:

You can find different styles of embroidery work on saree which changes the entire look of the saree and play a very important role. You can find at Ma Panache different styles of work like a mixture of zari work, mirror work, embroideries, digital printed, brocade, stones, beads, heavy thread work, lacework. You look gorgeous when you drop these designer masterpieces. It adds beauty to your personality in parties and wedding functions.

High-quality fabrics are used for saree:

Fabric plays a very important role while designing the saree. At Ma Panache you can get your saree customized by designers and best quality fabric that you are comfortable with it. Designer saree at Ma Panache present in soft, delicate, light-weighted materials that make you look amazing and gorgeous. When you wear it you feel very comfortable with their comfortable fabrics. Select the fabric suiting your body type.
Best online shopping site in india for women ethnic designer saree and lehenga choli

Ma Panache – shop online for latest designs and gorgeous saree collections such as wedding sarees, party wear sarees, casual sarees, bridal sarees with different styles and prints. In order to find all this you just new for few clicks online at Ma Panache and look for best designs. You can visit our store and purchase saree and place orders online. Wear them and look like a stunner on every occasion. Your dreams come true here.

Fashion trends for fashionista women in 2021

Fashion is beyond definition and everyone looks for Fashion trends and especially fashion trends for fashionista women in 2019 but I guess one should not take ‘fashion’ too seriously. Rather I always enjoy the changes and accept the style in which I am more confident and comfortable. It is rare when I am grabbing the latest fashion trend, I mean to say the latest trends do not lure me but I lure people with my own style.

I do not take ‘fashion’ too seriously. Rather I always enjoy the changes and accept the style in which I am more confident and comfortable. It is rare when I am grabbing the latest fashion trend, I mean to say the latest trends do not lure me but I lure people with my own style.

Whenever you hit the market, you will come to know that the same fabric and same styles are represented in some way. That is the only reason I develop a habit of creating my own style.

Just to avoid similarity I design my dresses.

Of course, your fashion ward rob should have basics, It is the copyright of every woman regardless of age and skin tone.

This summer more of the free-flowing asymmetrical, frilly, and floral in retro-chic look will rule the fashion industry. Even boys love asymmetrical dresses for their partners. Asymmetrical dresses look like flower petals. No doubt both are different but have layers.

Cocktail dresses are no shorter now. In the contemporary era, Cocktail does not mean only party wear and comfortable. But they do mean long gowns, loved, even more, when they are in silk and metallic colors. Fashion experts say pastel hues and linen pants are going to be the rage.

Instead of wearing cocktail dresses, you should go for the cocktail sarees.

Street fashion is dying and no facts are required to fulfill the statement. Even in corporate offices, women are being seen flaunting Anarkali styles with confidence. Such women are making style statements more prominent. Asymmetrical dresses in pastels will be ruling the fashion world, no doubt.

Famous Indian designer says Old rose, pistachio, duck egg blue, ochre, olive, faded mustard, and pearl-grey, with an emphasis on ivory as a base tone to highlight the softness of this pastel palette.

The garments with organza and swiss cotton will rule the spring and summer of the year 2021 completely.

You could call it a kind of essential wardrobe for everyone.  All the amazing dresses to begin building your working wardrobe. These are the precious items that you will wear and keep with you for years. Such dresses are real possessions.

Remove belly fat permanently in a natural way

Step 1: Check if you bloat.

Most of the women have tendency to retain water in their body. It is because of some hormonal imbalance in them. You can check it if you want to lose belly fat. If your belly looks slim some days and fatty other days then you might have this problem.

  • Cut your sugar and salt intake.
  • Drink Cumin Tea.
  • Instead, Eat fresh curd mixed with fruits or vegetable such as apple, berry and cucumber. Add a pinch of black pepper. Result will be in your hands.
  • Add Papaya and Guava to your diet.
  • Drink Turmeric Tea as many times as you can.
  • Drink cumin seed water for 3-4 times

Step 2: Cut the junk. 

You need to eliminate the word junk from your life to remove belly fat completely. Junk means all the market food such as pizza, pastry, burger or any of the packed meal. If you crave too much then, In fact, the occasional day off and treat with junk can help you stay on track with your routine. However, eating the junk will definitely add inches to your body as well as waist line. Just by avoiding the junk matter from your daily routine will do miracles to your body

The best way to cut it is by replacing your refrigerator with the fresh and healthy snacks. Whenever you feel hungry you should have enough healthy food to eat. There are many healthy alternatives which will give you energy and keep you full such as banana, veggies.

Do it for 3 days first then give a gap then do for a week. You will fall in love with this. This will work women of all ages who want to remove belly fat.

Step 3: Never ever try crash diet courses.

We are what we eat. If you starve for long time your body will start saving more food in the form of fat in your body because it is a natural process.

Start changing eating habits in small portions. Start decreasing the eating habit, replacing and thus complete transformation.

Decrease -> Replace -> Quit.

Instead you can have some meal replacement protein shakes.

Step 4: Little exercise.

Exercise is utmost important for everyone and there is no doubt. Start with 15 minute walk and then 10-15 minutes yoga for every day. Increase the time to 1 hour. Your body will be addicted to it soon. You will never find a single day in your life when your body does not say, do some exercise.

Step 5: Stick to it.

If you find the results, then just stick to it completely for the next 6 month. You will never face the problem of being fat. Consistency is the key to achieve the desired results.

Step 6: Confidence.

Confidence, is the key to any success. Just believe in your self and achieve.