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Jewelry for Real Women not for Models

Jewellery is something that has been liked, loved and needed by women of all ages. I still remember days when I used to wear my Mom’s Silver American Diamond Choker Necklace. I used to just wear it whenever my mom is away or at work. My choice of jewlellary is still same as I liked when I was too young. It is true our tastes are developed whatever we see during our childhood days. So Silver choker necklace is one of my favorite piece of jewellery.

I believe every girl does this by wearing their mom’s jewellery. Girls pretend to be bride or models, play and dress like a princess or aged women. Jewellery defines the entire look and no dress can be complete without it; however, there is no hard and fast rules to wear a piece of jewellary. It is your choice to look as you want.

There is not a single day in our life, when we cannot wear a piece of jewellery. MaPanache offers you jewellery to wear on daily basis, office use, party wear, wedding functions etc.

The aim is to to attend every event and look fabulous. Why we recommend different piece of jewellery for different occasions? Idea is to look good not overdo. These days even watches are considered a part of your jewellery box because these tiny pieces not only tells you time but also add elegant to your overall personality.

Being a faminist fashionist I would like to offer you few tips

  1. Some women really love to match everything, but leave it to tiny babies and girls. Let small creatures match their heels to their bag with their nail jewelry. Although this is not all inaccurate, but it is out of vogue. Go with the contrast pieces.
  2. If your dress is having a coat then you can match your jewelry with it.
  3. For office, only you need are studs. Do not overdo with bracelets as they can create annoying sounds while working. Chains are good only if they are light weight. Pair of anklets is straight forward no.
  4. Go for pearls.

Hopefully, with all of your upcoming appearances, you will rock with mapanache.

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