Women festival wear dresses for Diwali 2019

Women festival wear for Diwali 2019 Diwali is an an Indian festival of lights, sweets, crackers, new dresses for men, women and children. Women decorate their homes, doorways within their homes and offices with colorful rangoli, wiht magnificent designs. Diyas are lighten up at night along with candles. These days many vibrant lightening systems areRead More

Indian Saree is evergreen women attire across the globe

Saree is very old yet fashionable Indian attire and loved by fashionista on this planet. Not only Indian Women but I have seen women across the globe try different styles of basic sarees. Trends change every day, with this people also changes their dressing styles. Women’s choice keep on changing with time, needs, habits, fashion,Read More

3 Quick dressing style for female on new year 2019 eve if you are short.

Fashion industry is always eager to look for new dressing style for female. No doubt when choices are many dressing style for women is not an easy task. Maxi Dresses Maxi dresses are great for women of any age. You should go for maxi dresses without any cut. These days cowl maxi dresses are greatRead More